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[Drama Recap] The Girl Who Sees Smells : Episode 9

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Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) says, "A woman in her mid-forties. I really wanna know about her. A man is nothing without memory." after eating Gwon Jae Hee (Nam Goong Min)'s sea mustard soup with sea urchin with crying. 
"Let's try to take your memory back." Choi Mu Gak (Park Yoo Chun) takes her by the hand comforting her with soothing talk.
Meanwhile, the murderer looks at the name tag of Choi Eun Sul trying to remember the daughter of diver couple in Jeju-do.

the girl who sees semells episode 9 the girl who sees smells ep 9 recap The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 review The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 recap sensory couple ep 9 Park Yoo Chun Shin Se Kyung Yoon Jin seo Nam Goong Min Gwon Jae Hee Choi Mu Gak Oh Cho Rim enjoy korea hui Korean Dramas
Mu Gak tells Cho Rim, "Can you sleep well? I will stay by your side until you sleep."
The naive girl let him bed down in the living room giving him a tent rushes into a room and locks the door behind her. The vigorous youth wearing a sullen look sends her a text message, "Are you falling sleep?"
"I am still awake." she replies to his text.
They pass night without sleep exchanging the same messages. lol

the girl who sees semells episode 9 the girl who sees smells ep 9 recap The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 review The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 recap sensory couple ep 9 Park Yoo Chun Shin Se Kyung Yoon Jin seo Nam Goong Min Gwon Jae Hee Choi Mu Gak Oh Cho Rim enjoy korea hui Korean Dramas
The young detective distorted medical records of Choi Eun Sul like the witness is still alive to lure the serial killer into a trap. The crime squad team members go undercover in front of a fake house of Choi Eun Sul. The detectives hold a suspicious man calling her name when a female detective disguised as the witness is out of the house. But Gwon Jae Hee is a step above them. Mu Gak found a man in black looking at them far away chases after him running away in a hurry. The criminal on the run gets hurt in the arm due to an iron bar and Mu Gak judges blood stain on it.  
Golden Recipe Choi Eun Sul jejudo the girl who sees semells episode 9 the girl who sees smells ep 9 recap The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 review The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 recap sensory couple ep 9 Park Yoo Chun Shin Se Kyung Yoon Jin seo Nam Goong Min Gwon Jae Hee Choi Mu Gak Oh Cho Rim enjoy korea hui Korean Dramas
Yeum mi (Yoon Jin seo) thought the chef as a prime suspect issues an arrest warrant. But Jae Hee hurt himself with big fork for kitchen uses makes the detectives confused. A DAN test results also makes it clear that the chef is not the criminal.
The murderer installs an spy app on Mu Gak's cellphone to tap his telephone and to check his text messages when he pays the chef a visit to make a polite apology about the police's mistake.
Meanwhile, Cho Rim makes her television debut on Jae Hee's food show 'Golden Recipe' as his suggestion. The chef monitors Mu Gak and Cho Rim in real time using the spy app.
the girl who sees semells episode 9 the girl who sees smells ep 9 recap The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 review The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 recap sensory couple ep 9 Park Yoo Chun Shin Se Kyung Yoon Jin seo Nam Goong Min Gwon Jae Hee Choi Mu Gak Oh Cho Rim enjoy korea hui Korean Dramas
The couple go shopping to buy her new dress for the appearance on broadcasting. The blunt young man payed cost of clothes sends a text message "Oh Cho Rim, the yellow one is not look bad at most among dresses you tried on yesterday." just before the first appearance on the show. 
Cho Rim, who look really sullen because the man doesn't make their relationship clear, eats ramyeon at home complaining about him. As if on cue, her phone rings and she goes out to meet him not dressing up because she doesn't feel a need to look pretty.
"What do you want me to call you? Romantically involved persons use their pet name..." the clumsy guy beats about the bush.
But he assents with confidence, "Oh Cho Rim! You have a choice of lover, my lady, sweetheart, and girl friend." looking at the girl in her discomfiture.
Golden Recipe Choi Eun Sul jejudo the girl who sees semells episode 9 the girl who sees smells ep 9 recap The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 review The Girl Who Can See Smells episode 9 recap sensory couple ep 9 Park Yoo Chun Shin Se Kyung Yoon Jin seo Nam Goong Min Gwon Jae Hee Choi Mu Gak Oh Cho Rim enjoy korea hui Korean Dramas
Mu Gak and Yeum mi help the amnesiac to make montage of the woman in her mid-forties.
"The woman with a smiling face looks very tired because she wearied herself with labor." The female detective recalled the words she thrown at her makes a composite sketch of the woman and she finds out that Cho Rim is not only the witness but also the daughter of the murdered diver couple in Jeju-do.

[Drama Recap] Angry Mom: Episode 13

What a supremely satisfying episode. It’s still early enough that things aren’t yet wrapped up and there’s still lots of fight left in store for us, but this episode is chock-full of important developments and major character progressions. I love the way this drama finds human touches in (almost) everybody, so that even when a character isn’t unequivocally good, we’re still able to derive a ton of gratification in their arcs. Well done.


Kang-ja’s plan is thwarted by that two-faced backstabber Ae-yeon, crushing the Scooby Gang’s attempt to take down the trio of baddies. Coolly, she informs Kang-ja that she’ll be sued for defamation.
Kang-ja insists that they switched the recording, but she’s the only one getting worked up and it only makes her sound hysterical. Jung-woo smirks like she’s a raving loony, but Kang-ja is too upset to hold in her reaction. She asks the reporters to find out the truth, which is their job.
Sinking to the ground in tears, Kang-ja wails, “Why won’t anybody believe my words? Why won’t anyone listen?”

Everyone looks discomfited at her distress, including Sang-tae and Ae-yeon—not that her conflicted expression mitigates the damage she inflicted, since that was clearly her choice.
The trifecta of evil puts up a show for the reporters, keeping their inner strife under wraps until they’re in private. Minister Kang is angry at Jung-woo for letting things get so out of hand with Kang-ja, but now he’s got to see the charade through and keep up the devoted father routine in public. He once again orders Jung-woo to take care of Kang-ja.
Kang-ja is taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation, and Ae-yeon visits her with an uncomfortable expression and red-rimmed eyes. Still don’t feel sorry for you, but I suppose it’s the least bit gratifying to see you upset too. A very tiny bit.

Ae-yeon does that thing she always does, of assuming the bad guy pose and saying this is just who she is, despite having obvious pangs of conscience. Kang-ja’s (overgenerous) faith finally meets its end and she says, “Let’s never see each other again.”
Ae-yeon is shaken by that, but tells Jung-woo it’s fine, and that friends aren’t forever. She’s eager to leave Chairman Hong’s house, and looks distressed when Jung-woo says she can’t leave just yet—they need one more thing in order to put away the minister and the chairman for good.
Kang-ja’s high school exploits make the news, and she’s depicted as mentally unsound. Students interview about how wild she was at school, and Sang-tae calls her delusional. On the other hand, Bok-dong, bless his heart, can’t think of a single thing to say on camera, fidgeting uncomfortably.

Kang-ja’s doctor doesn’t believe her claims either, just writing it off as stress and delusion. Meanwhile, Minister Kang and Jung-woo play up their fabricated reunion for the public, winning sympathy with his supposed willingness to embrace his son despite possibly losing the election.
As threatened, Kang-ja faces charges of defamation and impersonation, and the police are unmoved by her exclamations that she only posed as a student because the police wouldn’t do their job. Things aren’t looking good for Team Princess, and Gong-joo’s affiliation doesn’t help, since she’s dismissed as a gangster and criminal. (The princess minions argue that they only run a club and have a higher marriage rate than professional matchmakers, haha.)

That’s when Noah steps in citing law code in their defense—and his father is with him. Kang-ja hangs her head abashedly and apologizes when the judge scolds her for her rash actions, but argues that she had to do it. Noah takes responsibility as well, saying that he bears fault for not protecting his students.
With the judge vouching personally for the group, they’re allowed to leave the station. He doesn’t exactly approve of their behavior, but when Kang-ja, Noah, and Gong-joo plead with him to help block the construction project, he relents and offers some advice. He pinpoints the minister’s slush fund as the way to take down the trifecta, and identifies a crucial source: the ex-vice principal of the high school, who used to work for Chairman Hong before he was ousted and replaced by the current vice principal. We saw him being violently beaten in the first episode, and there are rumors that the man has since become homeless, and they’ll have to track him down.

Bok-dong very cutely offers to walk Kang-ja home, making up an excuse about dropping off a book for Ah-ran, and then thrusts a block of tofu at her—the traditional offering to released prisoners (as a symbol of staying on the straight path to ward off future prison encounters). She takes a bite, and offers him some tofu as well, to symbolize him not returning to Dong-chil’s fold. They smile adorably at each other.
The family has to hole up at home because of the reporters stationed outside their building, and grandma’s full of loud complaints. They only grow louder when Kang-ja states her intention to keep going to school—if not as a student, than as a mother. She’ll do anything necessary to protect Ah-ran.

To that end, Kang-ja sets up a one-woman protest outside the school gates, with signs demanding a stop to the construction, which is based on the illegal funneling of school funds. And despite the initial wave of public opinion that declared Kang-ja a crazy person, the teachers and other students look at her in admiration for being so gutsy.
On the other hand, Bok-dong takes in the protest with exasperation, warning that Kang-ja’s going to get herself carted off to jail again. She just quips that he can buy her tofu a second time.
Jin-sang is mortified to see his wife causing a scene and barks at her to leave. Bok-dong grabs his arm, but before that potentially awesome scenario can unfold, Dong-chil calls them both aside.

First, he orders Jin-sang to get a divorce, or at least wield the threat of one in order to stop her. Jin-sang meekly agrees. Next, Bok-dong stands up to Dong-chil to say he’s not afraid of him anymore, and he’s not going to do his bidding either. But rather than raging at him threateningly, Dong-chil just warns that Bok-dong’s actions could endanger Kang-ja, and leaves him with that food for thought.
Ah-ran is back to being the target of bullying and ridicule, and a couple of the class’s uppity girls graffiti her locker with taunts about her mother. A raw egg splatters right next to her just as Sang-tae enters the room, and he steps up angrily to challenge the thrower.
The girls huff that Ah-ran’s mother is making a mockery of the school, which will look bad if it lets any yahoo in (literally, “dogs and cows”). Sang-tae snaps that it’s true. “Dog,” he directs to one girl, then indicates the other. “Cow.” Okay, I’ll give him that as a pretty satisfying smackdown, and Ah-ran looks at him in a slightly new light.

The leader mutters about dealing with Kang-ja, and this time Bok-dong blocks her way to tell her to give it a rest. And Sang-tae gives Ah-ran a small smile.
Jung-woo and the vice principal confront Kang-ja at the gates, simultaneously sneering at her fool’s errand while looking uneasy at her tenacity. She snaps that they labeled her a crazy woman, and yet are pretty scared of her being here. When Jung-woo tries to argue that her protest is illegal, Noah arrives to contradict him, armed with legal code that states that it’s not, actually. Ah, I love smart Noah one-upping Jung-woo. Go on, cite more law at me.
A reporter approaches Kang-ja and asks for an interview, which she readily agrees to. It makes Jung-woo and the vice principal look nervous, but sadly for us, it needn’t, because it turns out that the only story the reporters are interested in Kang-ja’s beauty secrets for looking young enough to pass for a high schooler.

Kang-ja pushes past her disappointment to try to talk about the corruption, but the writers say airily that their readers aren’t interested in such seriousness. Sad but true, that. Kang-ja may be the hot story of the day, but even so it’s tough getting anyone to listen.
Jin-sang does as bidden and drops the threat of divorce on Kang-ja again, and while this was Dong-chil’s order, I do believe this is how he feels, too. Kang-ja refuses that out of hand, but he bursts out that he can’t protect her because he doesn’t have any power, and wants her to do as everyone else does—let it slide and focus on living your life.
Kang-ja argues that quitting is tantamount to abandoning Ah-ran and her friends to danger, and Jin-sang yells, “That damned, ‘Ah-ran, Ah-ran!’ Do you only see Ah-ran, and not me?” He says that he knew that Ah-ran wasn’t her dead sister’s child, but he pretended to believe it because he loves Kang-ja. Can’t can’t she do the same out of love for her family?

Public opinion starts to swing back on Kang-ja’s side, though, with parents voicing their support of her actions, saying that they’d have done the same thing to protect their children. Minister Kang is disgruntled to read the comments and needs now more than ever to locate that ex-vice president. Ack, but who will get to him first?
Our Scooby Gang focus their attention on that secret slush fund, and brainstorm ways to prove its existence. They decide that the likely place to keep that information is in a private safe, and Kang-ja recalls the one hidden by the lion statue at the chairman’s house. To her surprise, Noah says he might find a way to get into it—all he needs is the passcode.

So Noah heads over under the guise of a parent-teacher meeting, explaining that he wanted to see Sang-tae’s home conditions. He notes the lion in the room and supposes that it represents the chairman’s absolute power as father, and the chairman chuckles at the correct assessment.
Noah casually asks for the chairman’s birthdate, saying he’d like to examine his and Sang-tae’s fate readings, and the chairman offers the numbers. Then when he steps aside to take a call, Noah hurries over to the safe and starts trying the numbers. Ack! Out in the open like that? And then to make things hairier, Ae-yeon happens by and sees Noah crouched in front of the safe.

Chairman Hong’s call is with the minister, who orders him to take care of Kang-ja personally. Hong supposes that the minister wants to keep his son’s hands clean, but agrees to do it—he considers this yet another of the minister’s Achilles’ heels that he can make use of later.
Noah is so absorbed in trying passcodes that he’s taken by surprise when Sang-tae catches him and hisses at him for being so blatant. But he guesses that Noah’s working with Kang-ja (“Are you on Team Jo Bang-wool?”), and when Chairman Hong returns to the room, Sang-tae fakes an excuse to deflect Dad’s attention away from the safe, pretending they were catching a cockroack.

The chairman accepts the excuse, but casts a suspicious eye at his safe. Uh-oh.
Sang-tae and Noah talk in private in his room, and Noah echoes Sang-tae’s question: “Are you Team Jo Bang-wool too?”
Sang-tae says that he isn’t, since he hates people who take the “throw eggs against a boulder” approach, though Noah seems to see through Sang-tae’s unconvincing denial. He takes note of the motorcycle parked in the middle of the bedroom and asks about it going unused. Sang-tae blusters that he totally could drive it if he wanted, though the place he most wants to go isn’t reachable by bike: San Francisco.

Noah asks him why, though he connects the dots himself, recalling that Sang-tae’s mother lives there. Sang-tae snaps that they’re not friends, and Noah takes his face in his hands and squishes it, agreeing—he’s his disobedient pupil.
Public opinion takes another turn the next day (sigh, she’s so fickle, that public opinion) as a crowd of mothers descend upon Kang-ja’s solo protest, throwing eggs at her and accusing her of being a killer. Looks like the trifecta has been busy disseminating information about Kang-ja’s criminal past, and the mothers have dug up the old story.
Ah-ran hotly defends her mother, and even Dong-chil looks dismayed as he watches the confrontation. A mom winds up to throw another egg, and this time Bok-dong leaps in front to take the hit, and has to be held back from engaging with the mom mob.

The moms recognize him as Yi-kyung’s so-called killer and sneers that they’re all the same, and when Kang-ja steps in on his behalf, a mom gets shoved back and loudly exaggerates the fall. She calls for police, accusing Kang-ja of assaulting her.
Ah-ran sees Dong-chil nearby and confronts him for letting her mother take the fall for his actions. He can’t hold her gaze, while Ah-ran has to choke back her tears as she says, “The fact that you… are my biological father… it shames me to death.”
But Dong-chil turns back at that, pats her shoulder, and says mere, “It’s not me.” Well, thank goodness that question is finally settled.

Kang-ja spends another day in jail, despite Noah arguing in her defense that the police are basing everything on one accusation. He demands a medical report from the victim at the very least.
Meanwhile, Bok-dong spends all day sitting outside the station, waiting for Kang-ja.
That night at school, Ah-ran is approached for an interview by a reporter, and she eagerly goes with him to talk about her mother’s case. Sang-tae overhears this but doesn’t think much of it until he goes home and hears his father talking about Ah-ran and the reporter. He puts two and two together, and this time he stands up to his father and pleads with him not to do anything to Ah-ran. Dad sneers at his use of the word friend, but Sang-tae doesn’t back down an inch: “Even if I get backstabbed, I can’t live without any friends. If you do something to Oh Ah-ran, I won’t just do nothing.”

So Chairman Hong shoves Sang-tae into his room and locks him inside. Okay, how creepy is it that there’s already a padlock installed on that door?
Ae-yeon sees the chairman out, and then it’s time for her to start her own secret task. If she can find what they need, they can take down the minister and the chairman, and then the foundation will be all hers and Jung-woo’s.
Sang-tae tries calling for help from his room, but Kang-ja’s stuck in jail and Bok-dong doesn’t answer his calls. Without many options, Sang-tae scans the room for a solution… and sees his bike. Omo. Are you gonna be a hero?

So Sang-tae gets on his bike, revs the engine, and literally bursts through his doors. Okay, that’s cool. You earned your hero points today.
Bok-dong is still waiting outside the police station when he gets Sang-tae’s text. It just gives him an address and tells him that Ah-ran is there, but it’s enough to get Bok-dong hurrying there immediately. Run faster!
Dong-chil is also alerted to Ah-ran’s whereabouts by the henchman he had watching her. The question is: For good, or for evil?

Ah-ran tells the reporter her side of the story, and it dawns on her that the reporter isn’t paying attention. The reason becomes clear when he says that it’s only important that she be here, and then steps aside to let Chairman Hong in.
Chairman Hong asks Ah-ran whom she loves most in the world, angling for the answer “Mom.” Ah-ran turns the question on him and asks if Sang-tae’s the one he loves most, and why he stole his mother away from him when Sang-tae misses her so much. But the chairman presses doggedly until she gives him the answer he wants, and suggests that if she wants to save her mother, she shut up and leave quietly.
That’s when Sang-tae barges into the room and challenges his father, asking him to stop. He refuses to step aside, saying that he may have been too young to do anything for his mother, but he’s not anymore.

Chairman Hong punches him in the face, and steps closer with raised hand. But now it’s Dong-chil who intervenes, grabbing his arm. He captures the chairman’s interest by promising “an even bigger gift,” and that’s enough to allow the kids their exit.
Sang-tae and Ah-ran leave the scene just as Bok-dong arrives, and he heads inside to catch the conversation between the chairman and Bok-dong. Omo omo, the “gift” turns out to be a video—it’s Yi-kyung’s cell phone, with which she filmed her dying moments. Ooooh. This is gonna be good.
The chairman cackles in glee to see Jung-woo in that video, since this is exactly what he needs to safeguard himself in this unholy alliance. Dong-chil offers the video to the chairman, in exchange for letting Ah-ran and Kang-ja be sent quietly abroad. Look at that, everybody’s finding their soul tonight.

Ah-ran apologizes for tonight, but Sang-tae replies that she shouldn’t be sorry since he wanted to do that. She asks if he means ride his bike, and he says,
“No, standing up to my father.”
He explains how he couldn’t stand up for his mother, and while he wanted to hate her for leaving him, he couldn’t because it felt like it was his fault. Ah-ran apologizes for misunderstanding him, and reaches over to take his hand. He adjusts his grip to hold on tighter.
Noah manages to get Kang-ja out of jail again by vouching for her, and then Gong-joo has good news: They’ve tracked down the ex-vice principal. And whoa, does he have a ton of information for them.

The ex-VP explains the ledger that’ll incriminate the minister and the chairman, into which he recorded all names and monetary amounts for the past decade. The book is labeled as a diary, and it’s probably in Hong’s lion safe.
Grateful for his help, Noah vows to get that ledger and to repay the ex-VP’s wrong too. But to their surprise, the man warns the team not to, citing himself as an example of what fate might befall them: ruined, cast out, homeless. He says that the law and people aren’t to be trusted, because humans are only out for themselves.

Well, that’s dire. But when Noah asks if Kang-ja wants to give up now, she declines, and says that she’s trusting in somebody.
She means Sang-tae, and gives him a call. And lookit that, he totally comes through and provides the passcode to his father’s safe.
Gong-joo worries about another backstabbing, still rattled from Ae-yeon’s betrayal, but both Noah and Kang-ja feel secure in trusting Sang-tae. She insists on going in alone, and heads over to break in. (Again. How many times is this now?)

She’s not the only one after that ledger, and arrives to catch Ae-yeon in the middle of attempting to break in herself. Ae-yeon looks extra-frantic tonight (she’s been looking progressively more panicked recently), and is seriously spooked at Kang-ja’s arrival.
Kang-ja takes over, and in one shot opens the safe. She locates the diary-ledger and checks inside to confirm its contents. Yup. This is the stuff.
But then a knife appears at her throat—Ae-yeon holds it up with shaking hands, ordering Kang-ja to hand it over: “My life depends on that.”

Kang-ja, super-steely badass that she is, doesn’t even flinch. Instead she turns to face Ae-yeon and takes a step toward her.
In one quick motion, she grabs Ae-yeon’s wrist and sends the knife clanging down. Then she smacks Ae-yeon across the face with the ledger—not gonna lie, that’s satisfying, and seems poetically fitting to boot.
“This?” she indicates. “Your life doesn’t depend on it. Our children’s lives depend on it.”

So many rewarding developments! I’m thoroughly pleased with this episode, which fulfilled a few narrative points in ways that were expected, and threw in a few twists on top of that.
I honestly wasn’t sure I could be brought around to caring about Sang-tae for, oh, the first ten episodes, so I was surprised to warm up to him so much here. It’s not the turnaround that’s surprising, but the fact the show managed it in such a short span of time; I do wish they’d given him a bit more time to grow into himself, the way they did for Bok-dong, but at least the growth was effective. I know there have been hints for a while that he’d be heading this way, but I didn’t feel moved by them for a good long while because outwardly he was still stuck in his default asshole mode.
But that does have the effect of giving his transformation a little extra oomph, because it requires a lot of effort and strength on his part to break from his mold. And while I was so not buying it when he was in that wishy-washy middle state, of wanting to be nicer but still being a jerkwad, once his actions caught up to his heart, I could get onboard and root for him to push forward and cling to that newfound spine.
The show even does a great job with its morally corrupt characters, with both Dong-chil and Ae-yeon letting more of their true colors show through. Dong-chil’s softening has been a gradual progression, and while he’s been too reprehensible to redeem completely, I’m intrigued with the glimmers of a better person underneath his darker layers. (Admittedly, there are A LOT of layers.)
It’s a similar case for Ae-yeon, and while I’m not really too invested in justifying or softening Ae-yeon’s betrayal, I’ll acknowledge that it makes sense in a character context, and heck, also a human context—she’s a longtime battered woman nearing the end of her rope, and we could see her desperation breaking through in the aftermath of her latest beating. I find her all the more interesting for the way that I actually feel like she wants to be a good person, and has the moral compass of someone who could be a better person, yet almost seems to convince herself to do the bad thing. Like she has to trick herself into accepting that there’s no hope for her black heart, and that’s the only way she can live with herself. It’s tricky and complicated, but feels real.
Most of all I love the growing bonds of our core group, and the way that it’s not just a single person who draws them all together (say, Kang-ja), but a web of relationships where each one matters. Noah, Ah-ran, Gong-joo—they’re as important as Kang-ja in reaching out, growing bonds, and showing care for each other, and that’s something to warm the heart.

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[Drama Recap] I Heard It Through the Grapevine: Episode 20

I Heard It Through the Grapevine reigns supreme on the Monday-Tuesday battlefield and with each passing week it’s more apparent. It manages to keep its safe distance from Hwajung and School 2015 is not a threat for the time being.

The 20th episode achieved 12.2%, the drama’s second best rating, followed by Hwajung’s 10.9% while School 2015 watches from afar with 4.2%. Everything makes sense, Heard It Through the Grapevine even though it remains unpredictable, it never loses its pace. It’s one of the most well-structured, well-conceived and well-executed dramas and it always manages to preserve its status with rock solid characters that progress with each episode and a storyline that keeps intriguing even more as episodes pass by.

The civilized masks fit both madame Choi and Ji Young Ra’s faces perfectly well, but everyone knows this is the calm before the storm. After the necessary references to Ji Young Ra’s forthcoming divorce and while attorney Han’s anxiety grows second by second he’s relieved to find out that everything’s flowing well through secretary Yang’s communication with secretary Lee. Things seem to be flowing well, but the tension rises gradually and harsher words appear, but the tone hasn’t climaxed yet. Ji Young Ra insists on apologizing, but the more she refers to the forbidden topic the more madame Choi’s patience reaches an end and here it is.

Madame Choi bombards Ji Young Ra with ice cubes and words colder than ice delivering the message perfectly well, she should never appear at Hansong again and she should start searching for another firm to stand by her side when it comes to her divorce with chairman Jang. Everyone around them are dazed and unable to interfere since something like that would make the conflict expand all over the lounge. Attorney Han’s in confusion as well, in one hand he wants to go upstairs, on the other hand he doesn’t want to, second by second his great mood swings explode all over the place and attorney Yang tries to bring him back to reality.
bscap0317 bscap0318 bscap0321bscap0330bscap0331

Once again, when the cat’s away, the mice will play and secretary Mim, attorney Yoo and Je Hoon’s coalition moves on with their own plan to bring the Daesan Group’s case back to the surface. Secretary Kim is renowned for being unable to keep his mouth shut and unveils a few details concerning the Hans’ problems with In Sang’s retaliation inside the household. Attorney Han appears while Ji Young Ra was about to leave and she starts sideswiping in front of him concerning the problems inside his household. Once again, madame Choi avoids demanding straight forward answers from her husband and they set their own problems aside to face their common enemy, the major disorder inside and outside of the almighty household. In the meantime, Jin Ae ajhumma has stopped by the almighty household to see her grandson and make sure Seo Bom is fine. Whether she is or not is yet another part of the story and she doesn’t intend to open up her internal world to her mother, she’s got enough problems, worrying her parents even more wouldn’t help at all.

Once again, when the cat’s away, the mice will play and secretary Mim, attorney Yoo and Je Hoon’s coalition moves on with their own plan to bring the Daesan Group’s case back to the surface. Secretary Kim is renowned for being unable to keep his mouth shut and unveils a few details concerning the Hans’ problems with In Sang’s retaliation inside the household. Attorney Han appears while Ji Young Ra was about to leave and she starts sideswiping in front of him concerning the problems inside his household. Once again, madame Choi avoids demanding straight forward answers from her husband and they set their own problems aside to face their common enemy, the major disorder inside and outside of the almighty household. In the meantime, Jin Ae ajhumma has stopped by the almighty household to see her grandson and make sure Seo Bom is fine. Whether she is or not is yet another part of the story and she doesn’t intend to open up her internal world to her mother, she’s got enough problems, worrying her parents even more wouldn’t help at all.

Secretary Lee appears and she’s having a conversation with Seo Bom urging her to be cautious for the time being since madame Choi’s summoning the queen regnant within. Dealing only with family issues and her studies feels mandatory by now. Seo Bom seems to be taking things lightly at this point and she can’t help but laugh at the forthcoming future, but it’s definitely better than shedding tears! Soon everyone will witness madame Choi’s transformation and nobody’s going to like it.

President Song gets informed by Je Hoon on the latest events concerning In Sang and he can’t hide his discomfort when it comes to the investment club and Eom So Jeong seems to be sharing the same distress. The signs are ominous and Ji Young Ra appears, she mentions that she met madame Choi, but she doesn’t invest in details and gets back to her good old self participating in the conversation about the mess inside the almighty household.

There was a time when attorney Han was thinking of separating Cheol Shik ahjussi from Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma, the time has arrived when Seo Bom’s parents have started thinking of sending him to the countryside even though they were the ones to reject the Hans’ proposal in the first place. Madame Choi informs secretary Lee on her queen regnant plan and she wants her to deliver the news on pretty much everyone inside the almighty household.

It’s not a surprise that nobody’s pleased! The housemaid and butler Park will start wearing uniforms once again after all these years, the young couple alongside Jin Young will be dressing appropriately in order to  greet the Hans at 7 in the morning and then they’ll be having a book reading meeting with attorney Han. Yi Ji will have to lose 10 kilos and the nanny will be waking up Jin Young at 6:30 every morning! Attorney Han returns back home and alongside madame Choi they pretend as if nothing happened between them, as for Yi Ji, she strictly disagrees with everything going on inside the almighty household and she starts her own retaliation.
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Yi Ji’s bursting into tears, she can’t accept the new order that was forced upon pretty much everyone, but Seo Bom and In Sang stand by her side, for the time being they will have to obey and later on they will have their own chance of bringing to the surface everything that doesn’t feel right. The house personnel is not pleased at all and their duties grow, as for secretary Lee she tries to find the necessary distance from the table she will be standing alongside the housemaid while the almighty and the young couple will be eating and she informs Seo Bom of the proper spot from which she will be greeting the Hans. Seo Bom has already noticed that everyone’s against the new measures and a sense of positivity starts lurking within. The morning arrives and as expected everyone wakes up at the time madame Choi recommended, but Yi Ji still can’t approve all this irrationality and leaves immediately. As for the breakfast, it flows as expected, secretary Lee and the housemaid experience the joys of military posture while standing at attention while everyone at the table remains silent and shortly after the almighty general arrives at Hansong.

Attorney Han wants to keep his employees by his side and he intends to raise their salaries by ten times so that everything will flow according to plan. He calls secretary Lee stating that he would like to talk to madame Choi, but as the newly found queen regnant she pretends to be tough and without remorse since she’s reading her book, talking to her would disturb her majesty at this point and attorney Han is quite pleased with her overall attitude dare i say! Secretary Yang meets the jeet kune do teacher where he unveils his thoughts concerning attorney Han and how easy it feels to pass each and every phase from discomfort to amazement and from approval to resemblance. Secretary Yang informs him that chances are high attorney Han will contact him to keep teaching In Sang and Seo Bom. She looks forward to it since her power doesn’t seem as effective as it used to be and the jeet kune do teacher could be a strong opposition party inside attorney Han’s territory and a shoulder she could rely on behind the scenes.

Secretary Yang tries once again to unearth information from secretary Min and she delivers the message that she has started seeing Cheol Shik ahjussi as a man right away to attorney Han, along with the fact that she talked to the teacher. Secretary Min pays a visit to Cheol Shik ahjussi and shortly after Je Hoon and Noo Ri arrive. Hyeong Shik ahjussi has started suspecting that secretary Min’s at the workshop along with his brother, but Jin Ae ahjumma states that it’s meaningless to go over there and find out for sure. Je Hoon will take care of the petition and the ace up their sleeves is the fact that Cheol Shik ahjussi had informed Daesan Group of the existing accident possibility beforehand, but they didn’t take the necessary measures to avoid it despite being inside the contract. Noo Ri appears concerned about her uncle, but behind his back she mentions everything to her father and the humble house gets overburdened. Noo Ri keeps acting lowly, she wants Hyeong Shik ahjussi to stop his brother while she’s unaware of the ongoing hurt inside her parents’ hearts due to this sudden turn of events, all she cares about is achieving her dreams on Seo Bom’s shoulders. Hyeong Shik ahjussi breaks apart as he finds himself in the middle of an internal conflict between Seo Bom and his brother and the choice is never easy.
The housemaid and butler Park recall the moments when they’re younger as both of them wonder if they’ll be able to make it under madame Choi’s transformation, as for getting a higher salary, they can always negotiate, but the time doesn’t feel right and the contract doesn’t approve. Attorney Han’s reading process with Seo Bom and In Sang goes on, but it feels difficult this time since the jeet kune do teacher has walked upon specific studying fields with them. Attorney Han will teach him a lesson tomorrow after college! Both Seo Bom and In Sang are dressed as if they just came back from a funeral, i guess that’s what “appropriately” means in madame Choi’s eyes! In Sang states that he has so much to say, but he has to hang on in there for the time being, more tension won’t help the young couple.

Cheol Shik ahjussi has already filed the lawsuit and it stroke attorney Han like a thunder in the open. Eventually secretary Yang becomes his punchbag for being unable to read between the lines and foresee this sudden turn of events. Hyeong Shik ahjussi asks his brother to step back, but it’s too late since Cheol Shik ahjussi has already moved on with the lawsuit and he lets him know that Je Hoon will be his lawyer. Je Hoon informs attorney Han that he will be supporting Cheol Shik ahjussi without referring to shady details and it’s something that pleases him since it will appear as Hansong’s balance on principle in one hand, on the other hand attorney Han doesn’t consider Je Hoon capable of winning over the Daesan Group case! The coalition’s plan moves on in secrecy under attorney Han and secretary Yang’s radars!
Je Hoon’s the one to trespass In Sang’s ignorance and guide him into the light according to attorney Han. All they talk about are the latest events concerning Cheol Shik ahjussi’s lawsuit! Je Hoon has an appointment and he won’t accompany In Sang and attorney Han at the luxurious lounge of Hansong. It was about time father and son spent some time together and unexpectedly everything flows more than fine, actually it’s way better than In Sang and Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s interactions; not!
Nothing happens, zero, no common ground, we witness two strangers on the opposite seats of a table and that’s all. President Song is having a conversation with Hyeon Soo and shortly after Je Hoon appears. Referring to the latest events, Hyeon Soo becomes aware that the lawsuit against Daesan Group will affect her directly and rushes to find In Sang! He doesn’t intend to stay long and he starts leaving, but Hyeon Soo’s words strike like a knife in the heart once again. Her father’s slush funds where under attorney Han’s guidance and In Sang’s left speechless anew.
Thoughts: It was one of these episodes, you know, the ones that leave behind many of its characters cracked on the inside right before they are blown to smithereens. One way or another and through each one’s point of view pretty much everyone was left behind wounded as the storyline progresses. The camps are being forged and as time passes by they become more specific as the barricades are being constructed; the impact of the forthcoming collision will be immense.

There’s an ongoing alienation floating in the air and as the episode was progressing most of the figures were like strangers among strangers, except for those few faithful to emotion without forgetting reality. Attorney Han’s belated adolescence has progressed his upcoming ruin much faster than expected. Everyone has noticed it and madame Choi’s summoning of queen regnant is the last breath before diving into insuperable depths. Everyone has noticed it except for attorney Han whose ego is a giant with feet of clay. His height prevents him from having utter control of everyone below and the people around him can’t accomplish each and every mission he  assigns them with.

The coalition of attorney Yoo, secretary Min and Cheol Shik ahjussi managed to dwell perfectly well in the shadows and achieve the one blow right after the other while attorney Han was losing his mind and his secretaries were trying to bring him back to reality. In Sang’s retaliation felt rushed, but it worked as a diversion eventually and gathered all the attention upon him. While the cat was away both teams of mice were playing, once the cat returned, the first team acted as decoy unintentionally and the second team reached their first goal filing the lawsuit.
Jin Ae ahjumma is a mother and her maternal instinct alarms her when something doesn’t feel right when it comes to her daughters and this time it felt essential seeing Seo Bom, even if Seo Bom didn’t reveal anything. We witnessed the conflict of opinions between the family members when it comes to Cheol Shik ahjussi. Dissension has already started making its appearance inside the ranks of the humble house and it only serves the purpose of attorney Han when it comes to his divide and conquer campaign and this time he didn’t even move his little finger.
Noo Ri doesn’t seem to have learned anything, she’s got some slight sense of understanding, but her main focus is always on upgrading her social status and achieving her own dreams which are always related to wealth. Misunderstanding and degrading Seo Bom and Cheol Shik ahjussi to her eyes without thinking any further was a grave mistake. However, her mother’s thoughts on her uncle’s lawsuit seemed to have enlightened an area of her mind. We witnessed Hyeong Shik ahjussi divided and broken between his brother and his daughter.
Ji Young Ra might had been humiliated by madame Choi, but she doesn’t seem that affected by the overall situation, at least it seems this way. She has other things to take into consideration for the time being, like her divorce. President Song proves himself once again as the king of gossip and he always finds out what’s going on, but we can witness his fear alongside Eom So Jeong concerning the investment club. Hyeon Soo however managed to put his fears aside since Ji Young Ra’s testing their friendship. All they have to be afraid of is madame Choi’s approach as queen regnant.
Secretaries Lee and Yang sense the crumbling of attorney Han’s empire and both of them try to find allies. Secretary Yang roots for teacher Park, secretary Lee has Seo Bom by her side, both of them need each other in order to survive inside the almighty household. It’s the first time we witness the house personnel reacting this way under a sudden turn of events. They were taken aback many footsteps and they can’t approve of what’s going on, i am eager to find out how they intend to act inside the thick mist. Hyeon Soo works as In Sang’s lantern in the dark, not unconditionally, she cares about her family’s well-being even though the divorce is at hand, but in her own way she helps In Sang find the truth behind his father, let’s say they are odd partners in crime. The fact that her feelings for In Sang are still alive make her a broken figure, between one-sided love and a torn apart family.
The military law inside the almighty household has pretty much turned everyone against attorney Han and madame Choi. Instead of solving their problems they set them aside, but they keep growing on the inside like a plague. In addition, they created even more problems unaware of what’s lurking in the shadows that has already started showing its fangs. Queen regnant is bound to become queen remnant and her attitude is the fake glorification of a woman unable to take life in her own hands and look straight into the heart of the problem. Yi Ji was never on their side, but this time her attitude resembles to the one of In Sang. If In Sang and Seo Bom are hanging in there for many people’s well-being, the Hans have already lost control of Yi Ji and i applaud her for her reactions. Since the very beginning of the drama i had stated that she’s a deus ex machina appearing when things get dark by preserving a ray of light inside the gloom and i am really glad she lives up to my personal expectations.
In Sang and attorney Han “hang out” for the first time together, but it was more than apparent that none of them had something to say. It was the perfect depiction of two different worlds before a more powerful collision. In Sang has a lot to say to his father and i presume attorney Han to his son as well, but the overall turn of events won’t let the sparkle breathe and shine alight between them because everything they may say will be the opposite of each other’s thoughts. It was a successful attempt to show the family’s unity on the surface at Hansong, but it was also the personification of an overambitious man’s blinders trying to hide the sun from everyone’s eyes.
Attorney Han’s love for his son is powerful, but it’s being filtered through the wrong prism and it’s being expressed in the worst possible way; without understanding and in an emotionless tone. In the end it appears as the love attorney Han holds for himself and he would like to see himself being reflected and utterly accepted by his own son who should abolish all his personal characteristics that make him a unique human being. In Sang loves his father despite all the hurt he’s been through all these years and he intends to get rid of attorney Han’s blinders, but their roots are pretty strong and attorney Han’s hands won’t let him stamp them out so easily; not without the battle of battles.