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Riders: Catch Tomorrow

Title: 라이더스 : 내일을 잡아라 / Riders: Catch Tomorrow
Chinese Title: 手拉車:抓住明日
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: E-Channel & DRAMAcube
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-08 to 2016-Jan-24
Air time: Sunday 23:00

Is the new business idea crazy or is it just crazy enough to succeed? Cha Ki Joon (Kim Dong Wook) is a well-educated young man who begins his career in an enviable entry-level job at a large corporation. But he is not happy with his life. On a whim, Ki Joon decides to quit his job and start up a new business with his two childhood friends, Yoon So Dam (Lee Chung Ah) and Go Tae Ra (Choi Yeo Jin). So Dam has been working lots of different part-time jobs while trying to make it as an illustrator. Tae Ra is a former cycling athlete who decides to go in with Ki Joon on his new business idea – because it’s a company that will make rickshaws, of all things. As the three friends deal with the real world, changing friendships and budding relationships, can their crazy business possibly succeed?

Sweet Savage Family

Title: 달콤살벌 패밀리 / Sweet Savage Family
Chinese Title: 甜蜜殺氣的家族
Previously Known as: 달콤한 패밀리 / Sweet Family
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-18 to 2016-Jan-28
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

This drama is a adaptation of the comedy film franchise “Marrying the Mafia“.
Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Joon Ho) is a gang boss who dominates the adult entertainment district in Daejeon, South Korea. At home, he is a household type of father and lives with his strong willed wife Kim Eun Ok (Moon Jung Hee) who nags at him constantly, a troublemaker son and his mother.

Eating Existence

Title: 먹는 존재 / Eating Existence
Chinese Title: 在那里用餐
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 10 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-12 to 2016-Jan-14
Air time: Thursday 23:00

The comedy drama depicts the dreams, love and struggles to make a living by the Sampo generation, who gave up on three things; courtship, marriage, and childbirth.

Imaginary Cat

Title: 상상고양이 / Imaginary Cat
Chinese Title: 想像猫
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 8 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC every1
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-24 to 2016-Jan-12
Air time: Tuesday 20:50

Based on same title webcomic by Kim Gyung which was published from 2014-June-02 to 2015-April-06 via “”“. This drama will be the first drama to tell the story of cats for the first time in Korea. A human and a cat, who have each one’s own mental wound, live together and heal the wounds through the co-habitation.
Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) is a webtoon writer who works part-time at a bookstore. Becoming a webtoon writer has always been his dream but he has some difficulties due to his stubborn and self-centered personality. On on rainy day, he meets a stray cat and decides to bring it to live with him. He names it BoK Gil and from then on, he starts opening his mind to the cat. He works hard to make a living for his cat Bok Gil.
The drama will also tell a story from Hyun’s point of view and then also from the cat’s point of view. The cat has a different take on what’s wrong with his human’s life. Although he can’t offer his human any advice, Hyun’s furry friend provides a source of comfort and support as he goes through difficult times.

[Drama Recap] D-Day: Episode 13

"D-Day" Kim Yeong-kwang's PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) has gotten worse.
On the October 30th episode of JTBC's "D-Day", Lee Hae-seong (Kim Yeong-kwang) along with Jeong Ttol-mi (Jeong So-min) came to the disaster scene as part of DMAT (Disaster medical assistance team).
Lee Hae-seongrealized he was shaking his hands when treating a first-aid patient. Lee Hae-seonglater started hitting a wall with his hands while trying to vent his anger.
When Jeong Ttol-mi (Jeong So-min) rushed to him, he hugged Lee Hae-seongand asked him, "Are you ok?" Lee Hae-seongon the verge of tears said, "What's wrong with me". Jeong Ttol-mi comforted him saying, "It's just you're a little sick, it's ok".
Lee Hae-seong asked, "Do you still have the medication from Eun So-yool?" and Jeong Ttol-mi answered, "I'll bring water". Lee Hae-seonggrabbed Jeong Ttol-mi's arm and begged, "Please don't go".
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Friday, October 30, 2015

[Drama Recap] The Village: Achiara's Secret: 8

On the October 29th episode of SBS' "The Village: Achiara's Secret", as villagers found out that So-yoon (Moon Geun-young) was Hye-jin (Jang Hee-jin)'s younger sister, So-yoon faced unbearable predicaments.
As the sibling relationship between So-yoon and Hye-jin was revealed, the villagers changed their attitude towards her completely and started looking at her unfavorably.
The children in the village made fun of her calling her 'adulteress' behind her back. They mentioned right in her face that her sister had had an adultery with a married man. When So-yoon went to see Baenyi Ajimae, the elderly villagers said, "A foreigner from who knows where shouldn't be here. You have absolutely no shame". One of the elderly people threw a cup of liquor in her face even. So-yoon was fired from the school as well.
Although Go-hyeon (On Joo-wan) wanted to help So-yoon, she refused saying she couldn't trust him either.
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[Ratings] "She Was Pretty" set a record of 18.0%

While "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" was postponed, "She Was Pretty" set a record.
According to Nielsen Korea, "She Was Pretty" on the 29th, set a record of 18.0%. This is 1.5% more than the previous episode.
The KBS 2TV drama "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" was cancelled due to the baseball game between Doosan and Samsung. It looks like "She Was Pretty" was influenced by the cancellation.
Meanwhile, SBS "The Village: Achiara's Secret" set 2.3% more than the previous 4.8% with 7.1%.
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[Drama Recap] She Was Pretty: Episode 13

Hwang Jeong-eum and Park Seo-joon kissed.
The scene was revealed on the 29th.
Ji Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon) told Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum), "I am going to say something and you might think I'm hasty or crazy, but when I succeed in the 20th anniversary project, I am going to propose to you".
Kim Hye-jin said, "I hope you do. I hope you succeed too".
They kissed as a sign of trust and affection for each other.
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[Drama Recap] Because It's the First Time: Episode 4

Do you ever remember being twenty years old and having really stupid dreams? Like, a dream where you just do something in real life that comes off real poetic and cool and romantic, like a scene in a drama? All right, I'll admit it- I have dreams like that even today, although I'm old enough and cynical enough to know they're probably not ever going to happen. But then that's the beauty of "Because It's the First Time". Its characters are young enough to still be dumb enough to believe in these dreams. And then of course an unexpected curveball makes this dream unattainable.
All right I'm writing in riddles even more than usual here but believe me, the end of episode ten really packs a wallop, and you don't want the experience spoiled. Especially when come the end of episode twelve there's another important turnabout that ends up saying a lot about the meaning of friendship, love, and trust. Because that's another one of the perks of being twenty- it's still easy to believe in all that stuff before reality comes crushing down. All sorts of stuff that once seemed unbearable actually comes off as rather quaint.
Take Hoon. He's really the odd character out, because Tae-oh and Ji-an are already all the male leads "Because It's the First Time" needs. Hoon actually even takes a moment to consider the fact that he's probably the least important person in the group. And what's wrong with that? Why should it be a big deal to not to be the headliner when he still gets to do fun stuff like pretend it's still summer because seriously, the weather is no longer appropriate for that kind of frolicking anymore how did it get so cold so fast?
There's also a very strong sweetness with the Tae-oh / Se-hyeon loveline right now. I especially like Se-hyeon as a character. She's unattainably attractive. And yet because Tae-oh's too stupid to know when to quit, he's able to make incremental progress. Really, maybe the power here is just in Eugene Jung's smile- she really gives off this great sense of being bemused by Tae-oh's attitude. There's just something so charming in how incapable Tae-oh is of being sneaky.
If there's any problem with "Because It's the First Time", it's that this set of episodes rather inadvertently makes the case that Tae-oh and Song-yi are better off as friends rather than lovers. Although maybe that's just because they don't have much screen time together. But ignoring long-term questions, this episode was sweet enough to actually make me wish that I was a little more impulsive and just, well, stupid. To feel like that unattainable dream is worth the effort.
Review by William Schwartz
"Because It's the First Time" is directed by Lee Jeong-hyo, written by Jeong Hyeon-jeong and features Minho, Park So-dam, Kim Min-jae-I, Jo Hye-jeong, Lee I-kyeong, Eugene Jung, Yoona and more.
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[Ratings] "She Was Pretty" recorded 16.5%

MBC drama "She Was Pretty" is exclusively in the lead.
According to Nielsen Korea, "She Was Pretty" on the 28th recorded 16.5%, while KBS 2TV "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" recorded 10.1% and SBS "The Village: Achiara's Secret" recorded 4.8%.
Previously, "She Was Pretty" set a record of 17.7% on the 22nd but the drop didn't stop it from coming first. On this day's episode, Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jeong-eum kissed for the first time.
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[Drama Recap] She Was Pretty: Episode 12

On the 12th episode of MBC's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "She Was Pretty", Hye-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum) and Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon) finally confirmed each other's hearts.
On this day, Hye-jin went to the airport to find Ha-ri. Hye-jin cried on the floor saying, "How can you leave this way. What should I do now without you" as she couldn't find Ha-ri there. However, what happened was that Ha-ri came to the airport to give her mom a send-off. Hye-jin found out the truth about what really had happened and forgave Ha-ri. Ha-ri also apologized to Hye-jin. The two exchanged a heartfelt hug with each other.
Sin-hyoek came back to Most. Hye-jin asked him why he had not been working. He responded, "It's true that I didn't come to work because of you, Jackson. You abandoned me on the street. I felt like there's a huge hole in my heart so nothing was fun" and "But I'm ok now. Things became interesting again. It's not over until it's over".
Also Ha-ri supported Hye-jin and Seong-joon in love. She bought Hye-jin a pair of shoes. Ha-ri said, "Have you heard good shoes will take you to a good place? Put these on and go to a good place. Don't care about anything else" and "It might be uncomfortable little bit in the beginning. Whenever you make a new step, it'll be annoying. But it'll be better soon" and "I mean, don't care about me, and go to Ji Seong-joon".
Hye-jin finally decided to open up her heart to Seong-joon. However, Seong-joon, who overworked, was exhausted and hospitalized. Hye-jin without knowing this was waiting for him at the destination of their business trip. Sin-hyoek took her to the hospital.
Seong-joon and Hye-jin met finally. Hye-jin gave him a big hug with tears were rolling down her face. And then a tearful kiss followed.
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[Drama Review] She Was Pretty: Episode 12

The preview trailer for the 12th episode of "She Was Pretty", which is scheduled to air on October 28th, is drawing sharp attention from the drama fans, because it showed Park Seo-joon having a nosebleed.
The preview of the 12th episode revealed on October 26th featured Ji Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon)'s struggling efforts trying to prevent the close-down of their magazine.
While he's hiding the fact the magazine would be closed down, if they would not recover the first rank in the circulation until the 20th anniversary issue, he fought alone against all the odds.
In the preview, Min Ha-ri (Ko Joon-hee) also indirectly warned Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jeong-eum) about Ji Seong-joon's health condition saying, "It must be difficult for him waiting for you every second and every minute". Also, Ji Seong-joon was also seen flopping down to the ground when he's getting out of an airport.
The content of the preview tells there might be a variable to the story while the drama was originally anticipated to end happily.
The drama fans are carefully raising a question about an ending different than the original speculation.
An insider of "She Was Pretty" told StarNews on October 27th "Can't reveal the content. Everything will be revealed in the main episode on October 28th".
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MBC's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "She Was Pretty" revealed a still image featuring Sin-hyeok (Choi Si-won), who took off his shirt.
In the revealed image, Sin-hyeok looks almost naked with a towel around his waist down. His mischievous smile and the toned muscles of his upper body are somewhat contradictory but are pleasant enough to captivate the viewers' eyes.
As Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon)'s officetel is seen behind Sin-hyeok, who is smiling brightly, is raising curiosity in drama fans as to the development of the storyline in the upcoming episode.
The scene was filmed in the Yeouido studio. While Choi Si-won was being shy, the staff members were impressed with his revealed perfect body with the toned muscles although he did not prepare for the scene separately.
According to the insider from the filming set, Choi Si-won showed off his dissembling acting as soon as the camera started rolling, which was quite different from his shy look when the camera was off.
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[Ratings] "Six Flying Dragons" recorded 14.1%

"Six Flying Dragons" brought back up the percentage it lost to baseball and came in first.
According to Nielsen Korea, "Six Flying Dragons" on the 28th recorded 14.1%.
This is 1.5% more than the seventh episode which had to experience a drop because of the baseball game which caused a delay in the broadcasting of the drama.
Meanwhile, MBC drama "Glamorous Temptation" rated 10.2% and KBS 2TV "Cheeky Go Go" 4.3%.
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[Drama Recap] Glamorous Temptation: Episode 8

On the 8th episode of MBC's "Glamorous Temptation", Kang Il-joo (Cha Ye-ryeon) slapped Jin Hyeong-woo (Joo Sang-wook) in the face.
When Il-joo heard that Hyeong-woo had gone to work for Kang Il-do (Kim Beok-rae), she was shocked. Il-joo slapped Hyeong-woo in the face in front of Sin Eun-soo (Choi Kang-hee) and Kang Seok-hyeon (Jeong Jin-yeong).
Il-joo asked, "You brought my election campaign sources to my brother? How despicable" Hyeong-woo tried to deny it saying, "It shouldn't be me".
Il-joo threatened him, "I don't care if it's you or not. You should be responsible for this. If my position would be swayed by this even little bit, I'm going to bury you alive".
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[Drama Recap] Six Flying Dragons: Episode 7

On the 7th episode of 'Six Flying Dragons', while Yi Bang-ji (Byeon Yo-han) was not aware that the woman who was captured by the monks and disappeared later was his missing little sister, Boon-yi.
However, he sensed that it might be related to Jeong Do-jeon. He was perplexed with the chaotic society, which didn't seem to improve even after he had killed the greedy corrupted official, Baek Yoon (Kim Ha-gyoon). He went out to see Jeong Do-jeon as everything should have been much better according to what Jeong Do-jeon had told him.
Yi Bang-ji became way more confused when he heard 'It could have been better with Baek Yoon". He later went through much trouble trying to find Jeong Do-jeon. However, the harder he tried to find Jeong Do-jeon, there were more threats against him and those who knew Jeong Do-jeon faded away from him even farther.
Yi Bang-ji finally could hear a tip about Hong In-bang (Jeon No-min), which helped him start tracing after Jeong Do-jeon. While five dragons met together in Hamjoo, whether or not Yi Bang-ji would be able to meet Jeong Do-jeon raised curiosity in viewers.
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[Drama Recap] Sassy Go Go: Episode 8

On the October 27th episode of KBS 2TV's Monday & Tuesday drama, 'Cheeky Go Go', the principal of Sebit High school, Choi Kyeong-ran (Park Hae-mi), teacher Im Soo-yong (In Gyo-jin) and Kim Yeol (Lee Won-geun) had a student-teacher conference.
Kim Yeol showed the video clip, which he had obtained from Kang Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji), to the teachers in order to prove he's innocent.
In the previous episode, Kim Yeol was suspected he had stolen the USB with the content of mid-term exam from Im Soo-yong (In Gyo-jin).
Kim Yeol explained, "Mr. Im, you left the cafeteria ahead of me. And you came into the classroom at one o'clock. The class hour is from one to one fifty. That is the only chance for someone to steal the USB" and "But there were so many witnesses during the class. Where did you put the bag with the USB? While you're standing there, do you think someone can put a hand under the teacher's desk and steal it? It's impossible".
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[Ratings] "Six Flying Dragons" rated 9.5%

SBS drama "Six Flying Dragons" came in first.
According to TNMS, "Six Flying Dragons" on the 26th rated 9.5%.
"Six Flying Dragons" is the story of six characters who fought against evil called Koryo.
Meanwhile, MBC "Glamorous Temptation" rated 8.7% and KBS 2TV "Cheeky Go Go" 4.3%.
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[Drama Recap] Awl: Episode 2

Soo-in continues to wait with mounting dread for the situation to finally culminate in disaster. The constantly recurring analogy of the animal trapped in the headlights is an appropriate one. The paradoxical aspect of all this is that the episode practically happens in slow-motion, and yet Soo-in is constantly incapable of taking any sort of decisive action to just try and resolve the situation himself. It goes against all Soo-in's training- but not his instincts, ironically enough.
It's obvious that most of the grocery store employees have no experience with corporate bullying and intimidation tactics. Again, this makes sense. The grocery store is the last place a person would expect this kind of behavior. Most people, when told they're flawed in some way by a superior, will assume that the superior is acting in good faith. It's just Soo-in and his past bad attitude that lets him recognize that the suits are playing a long game where the first step is to trash everyone's self-esteem.
Messed up as this all may sound, it's all part and parcel of the capitalist system- which far from being a free market, has usually operated with implicit and explicit support of the government, sometimes to the point of even sending in the National Guard. As this episode demonstrates, the fact that Soo-in knows what's happening psychologically doesn't give him any meaningful power to resist. And so, enter Go-sin (played by Ahn Nae-sang), labor lawyer for the weak.
Go-sin's attitude may be a tad ambitious. Even so, at least his brand of climbing the social ladder involves empowering people to feel less weak. It's a pretty marked contrast from the suits- yet at the same time, so far Go-sin's opponents have looked pretty low level. Bullying and abusive corporate policy can, of course, be just as bad at the lower end as at the higher end. But the problem with suits is that, well, they wear suits.
"Awl" is taking its sweet time with the wind-up. You may have noticed that to date Soo-in and Go-sin haven't met yet- this is because the production team has to establish the background first. That this is even necessary says a lot about the way modern culture treats labor history- these events are only set twelve years in the past. Although that's a big part of the point. Every time modern corporations insist that regulations are obsolete antiquities, they're always counting on us forgetting what life was like before we had them.
Review by William Schwartz
"Awl" is directed by Kim Seok-yoon, written by Kim Su-jin and Lee Nam-gyoo and features Ji Hyeon-woo, Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Ga-eun-I, Park Si-hwan, Hyeon Woo and Baek Hyeon-joo.
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[Drama Recap] Bubble Gum: Episode 1

Haeng-ah (played by Jeong Ryeo-won) works in radio. Her life is kind of...generic. That's not necessarily an insult, it's just been awhile since I saw the first episode of a drama without some kind of obvious hook. As of yet "Bubble Gum" lacks much in the way of clear overriding conflict or even philosopihcal ideas. The most distinctive part of Haeng-ah is quite literally her overalls. Although really, a person can wear whatever ridiculous clothes they want when their job doesn't involve being seen. Believe me, I would know.
There is definitely a pleasant quality about "Bubble Gum", though, just in the sense that because this is normal everyday life, there tend to be a lot of conversations about nothing. Minor lies are blown up into major betrayals less because they're actual betrayals and more because friends don't let friends lie to each other. Give it a few minutes and all is forgiven and it's back to normal conversation.
Even the major actual crisis situation point that comes up at the midpoint is treated less like a life-and-death situation and more like a work hazard. This isn't an issue with tone- this is just how Haeng-ah deals with these kinds of situations. She's sensible and professional while at the same time being human enough to be emotionally affected by what's happening. Haeng-ah is an easy character to relate to as someone who tries to avoid and deal with crisis because crisis is painful and unpleasant.
Haeng-ah is also a fairly introspective woman. She's very cognizant of her own flaws and limitations, which gives an interesting edge to her conversations. Haeng-ah is the kind of person who would rather admit fault than fight with another person to prove some obscure moral point. Her attitude is a surprisingly mature one- it's kind of like Haeng-ah has been through the real-life drama wringer, and come out the other end valuing quick resolution over unsatisfying drawn-out finishes.
I still don't really have a very definite opinion about "Bubble Gum", mainly because I'm not sure where the story is supposed to actually be going. The cliffhanger offers the promise of an important confrontation that's about Haneg-ah but doesn't directly involve her, and doesn't really seem likely to linger that long. And that's followed up with a retrospective exploring the earliest dynamics of Haeng-ah's most important lifelong relationships. Perhaps "Bubble Gum" is moving from reality into dreams- or maybe like "Bubble Gum" itself, the drama's just going to pop.
Review by William Schwartz

"Bubble Gum" is directed by Kim Byeong-soo, written by Lee Mi-na-I and features Lee Dong-wook, Jeong Ryeo-won, Lee Jong-hyuk, Park Hee-bon, Bae Jong-ok, Lee Seung-joon and more.
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Ratings] "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" rated 10.9%

"She Was Pretty" is riding high.
According to Nielsen Korea, the eleventh episode of the MBC drama "She Was Pretty" reached 17.7%. This is 0.4% more than the previous episode.
"She Was Pretty" showed Ji Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon) finally starting a real relationship with Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum).
Meanwhile, SBS "The Village: Achiara's Secret" and KBS 2TV "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" reached 5.2% and 10.9%.
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[Drama Recap] All About My Mom: Episode 15

The kiss between Lee Sang-woo and Yoo Jin has been re-highlighted.
On the fifteenth episode of "All About My Mom", Lee Sang-woo kissed Yoo Jin.
Yoo Jin said, "I told you that you are just a lodger in our house and a friend. You can't mind what I do".
However, Lee Sang-woo kissed her and said, "Are you sure?"
Yoo Jin couldn't say anything and Lee Sang-woo kissed her again.
Meanwhile, Lee Sang-woo and Yoo Jin brought out 100 things that meant something to each other on the KBS 2TV show "Happy Together 3".
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[Drama Recap] The Village: Achiara's Secret: Episode 6

The ending scene of the October 22nd episode of SBS' Wednesday & Thursday drama, "The Village: Achiara's Secret" showed the village people, who became shocked to find a message, 'Help me Mom' at the funeral of Kim Hyejin (Jang Hee-jin).
On this day, Seo Gi-hyeon met an alumna of Han So-jeong's and confirmed Han So-jeong was Kim Hyejin, who had disappeared from the village. Han So-jeong was the sister for whom Han Soyoon was looking.
The alumna said, "How wouldn't I be able to recognize her? She's so pretty. You cannot forget a face like hers. I could recognize her even though a long time had passed. It's Han So-jeong".
She also said, "She said she was not Han So-jeong, she had never heard of Mijin Girls' high school and she'd been born in Seoul. But if she were not Han So-jeong, why had she stopped as soon as I called her name". When the alumna saw Hyejin's photo, she said, "For sure" to confirm that Han So-jeong and Kim Hyejin were one same person.
Seo Gi-hyeon suspected the murderer who had killed Kim Hyejin might be his father, Seo Chang-gwon (Jeong Seong-mo). Seo Chang-gwon said, "What do you think your father is" and "You, you might be a son of a dissipated man, but you're not a son of a murderer".
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[Drama Recap] The Merchant: Gaekju 2015: Episode 10

On the 10th episode of KBS 2TV's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", Gae-ttong-yi (Kim Min-jeong) took off her tattered men's clothes and was reborn as a beautiful woman after she found her fateful man.
On this day, when Gae-ttong-yi met Cheon Bong-sam, a man who could cure her possession trance, she was happy. With the happy thoughts that she would spend a night with him, she took a bath, wore makeup on face and dressed herself with accessories as well. It was the moment that her real beauty, covered underneath the dirty makeup and messy clothes, was being revealed.
Gae-ttong-yi was expelled from her house by her father because of her possession trance although she was born to a noble family. She once was varied alive underground. Her mother managed to save her and she could run away and survive in men's clothes. The only hope for her was Cheon Bong-sam. Gae-ttong-yi mumbled, "Mother, I'm getting married today. I've met someone finally, who could help me get out of my fate".
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[Drama Recap] She Was Pretty: Episode 11

On the 11th episode of MBC's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "She Was Pretty", Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jeong-eum) rejected Kim Sin-hyeok (Choi Si-won), who was in one-sided love with her, and decided to be with her first love Ji Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon).
Ji Seong-joon found out that Min Ha-ri (Ko Joon-hee) was not his first love Kim Hyejin. He confirmed his initial suspicion about her identity when he saw Min Ha-ri's photo posted on a wall message board of her workplace to announce their employee of the month.
Ji Seong-joon asked her, "Is the real Kim Hyejin the one I think who she is?" and Min Ha-ri answered, "Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry I lied. I didn't want to deceive you for this long". Ji Seong-joon left the spot even before Min Ha-ri could finish excusing herself. He drove his car to Kim Hyejin.
Kim Hyejin was having a conversation with Kim Sin-hyeok alone at the moment. Kim Sin-hyeok told her, "Give me a chance as well" and Kim Hyejin said, "You know what, I'm...". At this moment, Kim Hyejin received a phone call from Ji Seong-joon. Kim Sin-hyeok said, "Please don't leave". However, Kim Hyejin said, "I'm sorry" and left him.
Kim Hyejin and Ji Seong-joon later met each other in front the company. The two wept for happiness.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[Drama Recap] The Village: Achiara's Secret: Episode 5

On the 5th episode of SBS' Wednesday & Thursday drama, "The Village: Achiara's Secret", Han So-yoon (Moon Geun-young) heard about Kim Hyejin (Jang Hee-jin)'s family history through Seo Yoo-na (Ahn Seo-hyeon).
When Seo Yoo-na found a necklace in Han So-yoon's house, which looked like Kim Hyejin's, she said, "Teacher Hyejin was really sad when she lost this. She told me that she and her younger sister had shared same necklace. I heard that, because both her parents had worked, she had taken care of her younger sister like a mom".
Han So-yoon asked her, "What happened to teacher Hyejin's younger sister?" Seo Yoo-na said, "Soon after she gave her sister the necklace as a gift, her sister died in a car accident. That's why she felt even sadder". Han So-yoon was shocked to realize that Kim Hyejin may be her older sister.
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[Drama Recap] The Merchant: Gaekju 2015: Episode 10

On the October 21st episode of KBS' "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", Seok-joo (Lee Deok-hwa) visited So-sa's house. So-sa (Han Chae-ah) served food to Seok-joo, who came as a guest. Seok-joo complained the food was too humble. So-sa said, "It is the healthy food our seniors in this house have been enjoying for generations". Seok-joo was happy to hear the explanation.
When Seok-joo came out to the yard of So-sa's house, he ordered to burn all the pictorial that had So-sa's portraits. So-sa's father tried to save the pictorials while saying, "I paid a lot of money for these paintings to sell my daughter as a mistress".
Seok-joo announced, "You don't need these books any more. I'm going to take you with me. I'm bringing you to my residence", which surprised So-sa.
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[Drama Recap] She Was Pretty: Episode 10

On the 10th episode of MBC's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "She Was Pretty", Ji Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon) found out MinHa-ri (Ko Joon-hee)'s real name.
Seong-joon went to see Ha-ri at her work, because his meeting ended earlier than scheduled. While Ha-ri was not aware Seong-joon was there, she had a conversation with her boss freely. Ha-ri smiled when her boss said, "You did a great job today, Min Ha-ri even though it's your off day".
Seong-joon saw this and called her, "Min Ha-ri" and Ha-ri answered unconsciously, "Yes". He was shocked to realize she had been lying and acting as though she were Seong-joon's first love, Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jeong-eum).
Seong-joon asked, "MinHa-ri, who are you".
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[Preview] Bubble Gum

The new tvN drama "Bubble Gum" features Jeong Ryeo-won as a radio DJ.
Jeong Ryeo-won plays Kim Heng-ah, also known as the Happy Candy who doesn't get let down no matter how lonely and sad she is. She has been a radio producer for 8 years and grew up with Lee Dong-wook as good friends since they were young.
Pictures of Jeong Ryeo-won as a radio producer have been released. She has messy hair and is wearing glasses but they're not enough to hide her natural beauty. She looks busy looking through the script and checking the equipment. She is concentrating hard in her work with headphones on and she also looks like she's deep in thought about something. She looks like a pro.
This scene was taken on the 15th. Jeong Ryeo-won arrived on the set early in the morning and brought her energy with her. She was also amazed at the set that is the radio booth as it seemed so real. When the camera started rolling, she became the radio producer and did an excellent job.
This is the first time she's playing a radio PD since her debut so she's putting in much effort into it. Jeong Ryeo-won usually likes to play her music according to her mood that they and she applied this to her producer role. She also visited a real radio station and asked for advice on being a producer.
Meanwhile, "Bubble Gum" is the reunion of Lee Dong-wook and Jeong Ryeo-won for the first time in 12 years and the first episode starts on the 26th at 11PM.
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[Ratings] "Six Flying Dragons" recorded 15.4%

SBS drama "Six Flying Dragons" set another record.
According to Nielsen Korea, the sixth episode of "Six Flying Dragons" recorded 15.4%. This is 1.7% more than the previous episode.
With the official appearance of the grown up cast, "Six Flying Dragons" has been setting a new record with every episode.
MBC "Glamorous Temptation" and KBS 2TV "Cheeky Go Go" did 9.9% and 3.5%.
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[Drama Recap] The Merchant: Gaekju 2015: Episode 9

On October 20th, KBS 2TV's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" has revealed stills of Yoo Oh-seong, who is dressed in a luxurious deep marine blue colored robe.
In the revealed photos, Yoo Oh-seong cast off the tattered clothes and messy hairstyle of a a salted seafood seller and changed into the nobleman's clothing with gold embroidery and wore a hat.
Yoo Oh-seong's scary cold eyes and greasy smiles foretells his transformation into a villain. Tension arises as to which path of a villain Yoo Oh-seong will walk through.
The production team said, "As Yoo Oh-seong becomes more brutal and vicious, the conflict between him and Jang Hyeok will become more tense" and "Please stay tuned to see how Yoo Oh-seong will bring out the evilness of his character, who drove Kim Seongsoo to death".
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[Drama Recap] Sassy Go Go: Episode 6

Kim Ji-seok-I left the school.
On the October 20th episode of KBS' 'Cheeky Go Go', Tae-beom (Kim Ji-seok-I) was accused for sexual harassment after falling into Soo-ah's trap. A girl student complained that Tae-beom grazed her breasts during cheerleading practice. Although Tae-beom apologized for the accidental incident, Soo-ah made the issue bigger unnecessarily.
Parents flooded into the school and Tae-beom was accused for sexual harassment falsely. The parents reported it to the school district and Tae-beom finally said, "I don't want more students to get hurt because of me. I'll quit the school".
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[Drama Recap] Glamorous Temptation: Episode 6

Choi Kang-hee was shocked when she found Joo Sang-wook in an alley.
On the 6th episode of MBC's "Glamorous Temptation", Sin Eun-soo (Choi Kang-hee) found someone in a dark alley on her way back home from work. She was startled at the sight and flopped down to the ground.
The person who was squatting down in the dark was Jin Hyeong-woo (Joo Sang-wook). Hyeong-woo was chasing someone and was wounded by a knife in the fight during the chase.
When Eun-soo realized that the person was Hyeong-woo, she was shocked. When a car glided into the alley, he thought that it was the car that was chasing him, and he stepped close to Eun-soo as if he would kiss her.
Later Hyeong-woo could escape safely thanks to Eun-soo's help. The scene raised the anticipation level on the development of the future relationship of the two.
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Monday, October 19, 2015

[Ratings] "Six Flying Dragons" rated 13.7%

KBS 2TV drama "Cheeky Go Go" fell under 3%.
According to Nielsen Korea, the fifth episode of "Cheeky Go Go" made 2.9% on the 19th. This is 0.9% lower than the previous episode.
"Cheeky Go Go" started off with 2.2% on the 5th. The second episode recorded 3.2%, the third 3.3% and the fourth 3.8%. However, the competing SBS drama "Six Flying Dragons" and its appearance of the grown up cast affected the increase in percentage.
"Cheeky Go Go" tells the story of a school that emphasizes on competition for survival and which is full of hypocrisy and irrationality.
Meanwhile, SBS "Six Flying Dragons" rated 13.7% and MBC "Glamorous Temptation" rated 9.2%.
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[Drama Recap] Six Flying Dragons: Episode 5

On the 5th episode of SBS' Monday & Tuesday drama, 'Six Flying Dragons', Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in) fell for Boon-yi (Sin Se-kyeong).
Although Yi Bang-won saved Boon-yi, who was about to be sold as a salve, Boon-yi could not stop feeling angry because her crops were confiscated. While Boon-yi was headed to the government office, Yi Bang-won tried to stop her. Boon-yi out of anger slapped him in the face and said, "You noble people don't understand anything".
Boon-yi said, "We were forced to give away our crops and have been surviving on only two spoonfuls of rice every day. So we had to cultivate waste land endlessly. Today was our first day to harvest grains from the wasteland. But they killed people and took away our crops. I'm going to do anything for Ueon-nyeon, who died without being able to eat even one grain from the three-year cultivation. Since I'm alive, I must do anything I can do for this".
Boon-yi went to the government office and set fire to the storage. When she came back, she said, "Because it's our crop, I went there to hold a funeral for our poor Ueon-nyeon. She always starved. This way, she can be fed fully leaving this world lastly". After Yi Bang-won witnessed Boon-yi's brave act, he said, "That girl, she's so romantic".
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[Drama Recap] Glamorous Temptation: Episode 5

Choi Kang-hee stepped into the top 1% of the upper class society.
On the October 19th episode of MBC's "Glamorous Temptation", Eun-soo received a phone call from a man whose identity was unknown. Eun-soo received the second phone call from the man, who ordered her to steal the document from Seok-hyeon's house.
Eun-soo asked, "Why is the document in Kang Seok-hyeon's house. Does he have anything to do with my husband's death?" The man responded, "Kang Seok-hyeon killed your husband. Go and get yourself hired by him. When you go to see him, make sure you wear eyeglasses".
The next day, Eun-soo went to have an interview for a maid position at Kang Seok-hyeon's house. She was kicked out of the house, because she tried to interfere with an argument between Il-ran and Se-yeong. While she was driven out of the hosue, her eyeglasses fell off and Seok-hyeon came back home . When he saw the scene, he remembered what had happened in the past.
Because of this incident, Eun-soo was set to become a maid working at Seok-hyeon's house and her new fate was about to begin.
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[Drama Recap] Sassy Go Go: Episode 5

On the fifth episode of KBS 2TV's Monday & Tuesday drama, 'Cheeky Go Go', Kwon Soo-ah (Chae Soo-bin) went to see Seo Ha-joon (Ji Soo).
When Nam Jeong-ah (Lee Mi-do) came back home, she was shocked to find drunken children. She recorded their behaviors and then asked them to get on the car.
They later found out that Kwon Soo-ah was missing. The Backho club members said, "We want to return first. We don't want to get penalty points because of Soo-ah". Kang Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji) criticized them for being selfish and went out to find Kwon Soo-ah.
The one who found Kwon Soo-ah was Seo Ha-joon. Seo Ha-joon remembered that Kwon Soo-ah had been drunken and crying. Kwon Soo-ah talked to herself, "Is it going to be cold? It shouldn't be colder than I AM." Seo Ha-joon was watching her doing this and stopped her. He yelled, "Stop it now. I understand enough".
Kwon Soo-ah turned around and came out of the water saying, "I needed some time to think".
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[Drama Recap] Mom: Episode 4

Lee Tae-seong was attacked.
On the fourth episode of the MBC drama "Mom", Kim Kang-jae (Lee Tae-seong) was attacked by Kim Si-kyeong's (Kim Jae-seung) men.
Si-kyeong had done this because her niece Kang Yoo-ra (Kang Han-na) couldn't forget about Kang-jae when she was already engaged to someone else.
Kang-jae was taken to the hospital bleeding. Yoon Jeong-ae (Cha Hwa-yeon) was relieved when doctors told her that he was going to live.
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[Drama Recap] My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol: Episode 14

Song Ha-yoon became furious when she saw Park Se-yeong on the 14th episode of "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol".
Lee Hong-do (Joo Oh-wol / Song Ha-yoon) found out Oh Hye-sang (Park Se-yeong) was Geum Hye-sang.
Lee Hong-do found out it was Geum Hye-sang who shut the orphanage director Geum (Kim Ho-jin) and herself in a room when the building collapsed and tried to kill her and her biological father Geum.
Lee Hong-do also found out that Oh had fish allergies while working in the factory cafeteria. Lee Hong-do connected the dots and realized Oh Hye-sang was Geum Hye-sang.
Lee Hong-do made her way to Oh Hye-sang to find out the truth. But Oh Hye-sang also knew about Lee Hong-do and tried to avoid her. However, the three of them including Geum Sa-wol (Baek Jin-hee) ended up getting in the elevator together.
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[Ratings] "All About My Mom" breaks through 30%

The KBS 2TV weekend drama "All About My Mom" is about to break through 30%.
According to Nielsen Korea, the weekend KBS 2TV drama "All About My Mom" set a record of 29.4%. This is 5.4% more than the previous episode and 1.1% more than the existing record.
Meanwhile, MBC weekend drama "Mom" recorded 15.5%, MBC "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol" 22.5% and SBS "I Have a Lover" 7.2%.
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[Drama Recap] All About My Mom: Episode 22

Kim Mi-Sook saw Song Jong-ho trying to impress Yoo Jin.
On the twenty-second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "All About My Mom", Hwang Yeong-seon (Kim Mi-Sook) saw Yoon Sang-hyeok (Song Jong-ho) proposing to Lee Jin-ae (Yoo Jin).
Hwang Yeong-seon came down to the lobby of her office to meet someone. Yeong-seon got up to take a phone call.
Lee Jin-ae was just coming back to the office from working outside and was going to go back into the office but Yoon Sang-hyeok was waiting there.
He greeted her excitedly and said he'd come to see her because she didn't sound good on the phone. He tried to ease her mood and in the end Jin-ae started to smile.
Yeong-seon saw the bouquet of flowers he was hiding behind his back and only watched them from afar. Then Sang-hyeok got on his knees to give her the flowers. People around them began to gather around and asked if he was going to propose.
Jin-ae was embarrassed about the situation, then things got worse when Hwang Yeong-seon appeared between them.
She made a cold face before walking past so Jin-ae quickly caught up with her and tried to explain but Hwang Yeong-seon said, "Do you really need to explain all this to me?"
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[Drama Recap] I Have A Lover: Episode 15-16

Park Han-byeol cried when she heard the news regarding Kim Hyeon-joo's death.
SBS "I Have A Lover" is about a woman with no recollection, falling back in love with the ex-husband who she hated so much. It also involves the story of twin sisters reuniting in the worst of situations.
Sully (Park Han-byeol) went to Kyu-nam (Kim Cheong) to ask about Hae-kang (Kim Hyeon-joo). Kyu-nam passed out when she saw Sully. Min Gyu-seok (Lee Jae-yoon-I) took her inside the house and took care of her.
Sully said, "I think she was shocked to see me. Don't you think you should call Hae-kang? Doesn't she talk to her daughter at all?"
Kyu-seok told her that Hae-kang was dead. Sully couldn't believe her ears. He then told her to watch what she says in the future.
Sully cried her eyes out at the news.
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Friday, October 16, 2015

[Ratings] "She Was Pretty" set a record

"She Was Pretty" set a record once again.
According to Nielsen Korea, the ninth episode of MBC drama "She Was Pretty" set a record of 16.7%. This is 2.2% more than the previous episode.
"She Was Pretty" is a romantic comedy of the four characters Hye-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum) a curly haired freak, Seong Joon (Park Seo-joon), a loser who turns over a new leaf, Ha-ri (Ko Joon-hee), a sexy girl who seems perfect but isn't, and Sin Hyeok (Choi Si-won) who is crazy.
Meanwhile, SBS "The Village: Achiara's Secret" and KBS 2TV "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" recorded 5.2% and 10.0%.
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