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"Ruler: Master of the Mask" is close to 14.0%

The percentage of "Ruler: Master of the Mask" is close to 14.0%.
According to Nielsen Korea, the MBC drama "Ruler: Master of the Mask" rated a record breaking 11.9% and 13.8%, respectively.
"Ruler: Master of the Mask" is a drama about the lonely struggle of a prince against a powerful organization that possesses the Joseon's waters. The cast are Yoo Seung-ho, Kim So-hyun and L.
Meanwhile, "Mystery Queen" rated 8.4% and SBS "Suspicious Partner" rated 6.8% and 8.3%.
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"Mystery Queen" episode 15 recap

The connection between Choi Kang-hee and Kwon Sang-woo in "Mystery Queen" finally came out.
On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Mystery Queen", Ha Wan-seung (Kwon Sang-woo) told Yoo Seol-ok (Choi Kang-hee) that they were connected and gave her the files on the taxi driver murder.
The taxi driver was Yoo Seol-ok's father who wrote a will saying he killed a woman and killed himself with his wife. The woman he killed was Ha Wan-seung's first love Seo Hyeon-soo.
Yoo Seol-ok guessed that the will wasn't written by her father as he didn't arrange his sentences like that. She then found out that the police hid papers involved in the investigation and tried to make it look like murder.
Yoo Seol-ok and Ha Wan-seung came to a conclusion that her father didn't commit suicide but was killed. In addition, the two started to look for the criminal who killed Yoo Seol-ok's father and Seo Hyeon-soo.
Yoo Seol-ok started looking into the case on behalf of Ha Wan-seung who was in the lock-up.
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"Suspicious Partner" episode 9-10 recap

Choi Tae-joon was the reason Nara and Ji Chang-wook broke up.
The ninth and tenth episodes of the SBS drama "Suspicious Partner" showed why Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook) and Cha Yoo-jeong (Nara) broke up.
Noh Ji-wook ignored his ex-lover Cha Yoo-jeong and Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyeon) pretended to be his girlfriend. Noh Ji-wook told Eun Bong-hee, "I went to her house one day and I saw her with someone else. That's all".
Noh Ji-wook quit the law firm and decided to set up an office to work with Eun Bong-hee with. Ji Eun-hyeok (Choi Tae-joon) asked him to put him on his team but Noh Ji-wook ignored him. Ji Eun-hyeok then said, "I want to tell you what happened that day".
Ji Eun-hyeok's recollection of the past was surprising. He had a crush on Cha Yoo-jeong and he watched her show her love for Noh Ji-wook and watched the two of them start to date. He didn't give her up and in the end things led to an affair and Noh Ji-wook saw that.
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"Circle" Episode 2 recap

"Circle" once again proves that there is merit to a shorter series with an episode so packed that keeping up and grabbing onto every little tidbit of information is challenging. In 2017, Woo-jin gets a new study partner who challenges his hard-earned normalcy. In 2037, Joon-hyeok dives deeper into the stabilization chip and its true function. It looks like our seasoned hero holds the key to all mysteries.
Whether Woo-jin's (Yeo Jin-goo) new friend is the alien or not is the current mystery in 2017. That and whether her convenient approach during class is deliberate, of course. The episode also takes its time to establish Woo-jin's identity as Joon-hyeok (Kim Kang-woo) and noticing the little details which achieve that is highly entertaining. From the Rubik's cube to pinching a young Lee Dong-soo's (Jeong Joon-won) eyelid, the series makes it clear in a fun way.
Woo-jin and Dong-sooThe Chairman of Human B
The episode introduces new characters aside from Han Jeong-yeon (Gong Seung-yeon) as we know her and we have the tragic possibility of the grey-haired Human B Chairman being the twins' father. Perhaps he pioneered this technology with the help or the enabling of the alien. Since dramas and science-fiction love exploring the darkness of human nature, however, I wonder if the concept of controlling emotions for avoiding suffering is an entirely human one.
At the moment, we have no idea what the creature's intentions for humans are. All we know is that it has basic protective instincts for someone they may care about. We are not even sure if they are an alien, a time-traveler or simply an engineered human of sorts. We do not even know if they age or self-heal, which keeps Jeong-yeon suspicious. There has to be a significance to the fact that she attaches to the twins, because it feels as if their father is a secondary option.
The alien saving Woo-jinJoon-hyeok and Ho-soo examining a corpse
Which leads me to the topic of memory and the sinister truth behind the chip. If Lee Ho-soo's (Lee Gi-kwang) seizures are telling, the chip does not look like it would work past a certain threshold. That leaves only one explanation for the crime statistics. It is not that crimes are not being committed. It is that they are not being remembered after they are. Memories are manipulated to hide reality.
This brings me to the most interesting question. Is Joon-hyeok really Woo-jin and could Woo-jin be the inventor of the emotion suppressing system? Woo-jin's fight with his trauma and his ominous suggestion of erasing memories for healing certainly point to that. Joon-hyeok's personality is different enough to both twins that he could be either and the series teases this so very well. I am pleased and I want more.
"Circle" is directed by Min Jin-gi, written by Kim Jin-hee-III, Park Eun-mi-I, Ryoo Moon-sang and Yoo Hye-mi and features Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Kang-woo, Gong Seung-yeon and Lee Gi-kwang.
Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

"Ruler: Master of the Mask" Episodes 9-10 recap

I used to think that Dae-mok was smart, but his plan for maintaining power after murdering the royal family is...disappointing. And also accidentally hilarious. The other Seon does not look, sound, or act like the real Prince Seon. He couldn't fool Dae-mok for a single scene even when the unexpected help of a false witness. Yet apparently, the other Seon is now the lynchpin upon which all of Dae-mok's evil schemes rest.
The actual ambitions of Dae-mok's evil schemes are a tad inconsistent. He had a good thing going with the water price gouging scheme. Water is something everyone needs, but very few people know about the capital costs necessary to procure it. Rather than just continue with that, Dae-mok uses his victory to unnecessarily antagonize the peasantry. At which point Ga-eun comes up with an equally silly and improbable plan to escape, which of course works. Although this is mostly because Dae-mok straight up forgets that the peasants exist for five years.
Oh yeah, the five year timeskip. I have to give "Ruler: Master of the Mask" this much credit- the pacing is still breakneck. By the time all these stupid plot points are exposited, they're already finished with and forgotten five minutes later. Instead of being an important central presence, Dae-mok is now just that bad guy on the vague periphery, and Prince Seon has to figure out a way to fight him without access to royal resources.
If that sounds like a completely different story than the one that was promised to us in the first episode, that's because it is. Even the mask is superfluous at this point. It was a royal order by the now deceased king, everyone thinks the real Prince Seon is dead so why is the other Seon still wearing it when nobody even knows what the real Prince Seon looks like anyway? I know the answer to this question is so that the real Prince Seon can eventually take the throne back, but in context, no explanation is even attempted.
Weirdly enough, I can live with that, because the implication we currently have is that Prince Seon and Cheong-eun are now normal citizens by day and heroic revolutionaries...also by day. Any time I try to analyze this drama the plot just looks sillier and sillier. Still, I'm a real sucker for these ridiculous cliffhangers, so I can accept these huge leaps in storytelling for the pulp fiction they are.
Review by William Schwartz
"Ruler: Master of the Mask" is directed by Noh Do-cheol & Park Won-gook, written by Jeong Hae-ri & Park Hye-jin-II, and features Yoo Seung-ho, Kim So-hyun, L, Yoon So-hee, Heo Joon-ho and Park Chul-min.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Whisper" episode 17 final recap

Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon had the perfect happy ending.
On the final episode of the SBS drama "Whisper", Sin Joo-yeong (Lee Bo-young) and Lee Dong-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) punished the bad and achieved love.
Using his position as the chairman of Taebaek, Lee Dong-joon brought it down by sacrificing himself. He was arrested by Sin Yeong-joo for manipulating contracted trials.
Kang Jeong-il (Kwon Yul) looked for holes in the investigations and denied the murder at the fishing point. Jeong-il did admit to criminal damages.
Yeong-joo and Dong-joon weren't expecting this but they cornered Baek Sang-goo (Kim Roi-ha) on instigating murder. Jeong-il was finally put on trial for ordering Baek Sang-goo to kill Dong-joon.
Jeong-il was punished and Dong-joon's arrest brought Taebaek down quickly.
Trials on Dong-joon and others including Choi Il-hwan (Kim Kap-soo) started. False testimonies were given and everyone was busy blaming each other. However, Dong-joon's investigation resulted in the surfacing of Il-hwan and Choi Soo-yeon's (Park Se-yeong) guilt.
In the end, Jeong-il, Il-hwan and Soo-yeon were given from 7 years to a life sentence. Dong-joon was also given 10 years. He said, "I was a judge, but I didn't live like one. I insulted reporters and I wish to live a simple life as punishment. I won't make excuses for myself. Give me what I deserve".
However, Yeong-joo didn't stay put. When the police tried to cover up Dong-joon's sacrifice and make it look goo on them, she let the truth out to the press. In the end, Dong-joon received 4 years and disqualification to his profession.
All judgments were made on corruption. Yeong-joo received her father's national compensations and quit her job as a police. She became a lawyer and on the day of Dong-joon's release, they reunited once again.
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"Whisper" rated 20.3%

"Whisper" ended with a record.
According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS drama "Whisper" rated 20.3% on the 23rd.
On the final episode, Kim Kap-soo received a life sentence, Park Se-yeong got 7 years and Kwon Yul got 10 years in prison. Lee Sang-yoon claimed he would take responsibility for his actions so he was given 4 years and disqualification as a lawyer. Lee Bo-young became a lawyer and fought for justice.
On the final episode of "Whisper", actors Jo Jae-hyeon and Seo Ji-hye appeared. They appeared in "Punch - Drama" which is written by Park Kyeong-soo who is also behind "Whisper".
Meanwhile, KBS 2TV "Fight My Way" rated 6.09% and MBC "Lookout" rated 4.6% and 4.8%.
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