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"Children of a Lesser God" episode 6 recap

On the latest episode of the OCN drama "Children of a Lesser God", Baek Ah-hyun (Lee Elijah) woke Joo Ha-min (Shim Hee-seop) up from his sleep.
Baek Ah-hyun went into Joo Ha-min's house and touched his face while he was sleeping. When he woke up he was angry that she was there, but Baek Ah-hyun said, "I'm going to live here for about three months. I'm bored after such a spectaclular experience".
Joo Ha-min said, "I'm not your toy" and Baek Ah-hyun said, "Yes, you are. I know I threw you away because you were old and smelly, but I keep wanting you back". She kept touching him and even his scar, but he slapped her hand away and said, "Are you this rude anywhere else?"
Baek Ah-hyun said, "Does the priest have something on my father? He paid a lot of money and he's a cheap guy. Or is it because of me?" Joo Ha-min said no but Baek Ah-hyun replied, "Do you think I won't know anything? I've lived in the hands of serial killer Han Sang-goo. Keep doing that and I might do something bad".
Joo Ha-min warned her, "Your curiosity may get you killed. You should just stay in your doll house. There are truths in this world you should look over so easily".
It looks like Han Sang-goo (Kim Dong-young) who kidnapped Baek Ah-hyun is friends with Joo Ha-min. However, Baek Ah-hyun doesn't seem to know that and makes Joo Ha-min's plans more curious.
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"Misty" episode 14 recap

The latest episode of the JTBC drama "Misty" rated 8.3% and 8.1%, setting a record.
There are two more episodes to go until its conclusion.
On the fourteenth episode, Ko Hye-ran (Kim Nam-joo), who was a suspect in the death of Kevin Lee (Ko Joon), was found not guilty in the first trial. Hye-ran then spilled the dirt on Kang Yool Law Firm's CEO (Nam Kyung-eup), bringing him to justice.
After a long fight, Hye-ran took a vacation she never took for 7 years. One morning, she was looking for a letter opener to open the mail and she found something in Tae-wook's drawer..
Who murdered Kevin Lee?
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"The Good Witch" episodes 11 - 12 recap

On the latest episodes of the MBC weekend special drama "The Good Witch", Joo Ye-bin (Hyejeong) cruelly criticized Cha Do-hee (Lee Da-hae).
Ye-bin was jealous that Song Woo-jin (Ryu Soo-young) focused on Do-hee's twin sister Sun-hee and decided to interfere.
Ye-bin found a cerebrovascular doctor's name card in Sun-hee's room and suspected her to be demented and made an appointment for a general health check.
Hyejeong plays a stewardess with the best family background in "The Good Witch".
"The Good Witch" airs every Saturday at 20:55 KST.
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"My Husband Oh Jak-doo" episode 6 recap

Oh Jak-doo's (Kim Kang-woo) righteousness and purity sppeals to viewers.
Oh Jak-doo rejected his first love Jang Eun-jo's (Han Sunhwa's) advances and stood on Han Seung-joo's (UEE) side even when they met with her mother.
Not only that, he comforted Han Seung-joo and told her to take care of herself as she went through a great ordeal because of her family. He even wiped her tears.
Oh Jak-doo ran after Oh Byung-cheol (Choi Sung-jae) who threatened Han Seung-joo's life.
Oh Jak-doo is both pure and manly at the same time. He stands on his wife's side no matter what and is the ideal husband that every woman wants.
Meanwhile, "My Husband Oh Jak-doo" can be seen every Saturday at 20:45 KST.
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"Mother - Drama" Episode 16 Final recap

Life has brought Soo-jin and Hye-na a long way in a very short amount of time in "Mother - Drama", but nothing feels longer than the time spent apart. After Yeong-sin's peaceful passing, a considerable amount of time goes by, and many things change. What does not change is the love between our heroines, and the fact that they need each other. With Hye-na facing great difficulty, and Soo-jin unable to let go, the brave mother makes another bold decision.
I have said before that Hye-na (Heo Yool-I) reaching adulthood in another family would have been perfectly doable, and not material for a bad ending. At the same time, the necessary requirement for that would have always been the child's happiness. Hye-na is a child who has been through a lot, and so moving on would have simply not worked for her. Hye-na has survived her biological mother, but falling from a better place is always harder. Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) is that place.
Hye-na's foster momSoo-jin and Hong-hee
I do feel that a lot of the conflicts in "Mother - Drama" are resolved because our heroines have come across lovely people who rarely hesitate to help, or seriously question Soo-jin's actions. This does feel convenient at times, and the rush for a happy ending makes the foster mother's (Oh Ji-hye) decision one I wish we could have seen develop more. For a woman to receive the honor of being called mom by Hye-na, it means that their time together mattered, and I wish we had witnessed it more.
The topic of adoption, and its related systems are the kind we rarely see portrayed in Korean drama, outside of a handful, and usually stereotypical portrayals of mostly negative experiences. Soo-jin's plans are interesting, but I wish we had seen more of the process. I would imagine and hope that a kidnapper could not have as easy an access to their kidnapped child, even if we know that this situation is not how it legally appears. Then again, to portray this part of the journey would require time the series does not have.
Yeong-sin and Soo-jin in the pastHye-na and Soo-jin finally together
Here I am talking about convenience writing, yet I wish I could meet all of the people who made Soo-jin and Hye-na's journey one of growth. "Mother - Drama" is the type of story where the temptation to let go and experience becomes a humbling experience, and a fierce battle with oneself. For all the flaws that I see, and all the technicalities I can point out, I cannot say that any of it is detrimental to the work's quality. "Mother - Drama" is a graceful, beautiful show about motherhood.
I cannot compare it to the original, which I have yet to experience in its entirety. What I can say is that, for a Korean drama remake, it avoids a lot of the problems inherent with the adaptation of works into a medium very much about dramatic appeal and adherence to formulas. From the respect the talented creators show for their subject matter to the breathtaking acting, "Mother - Drama" has been a pleasure and an honor to cover.
"Mother - Drama" is directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo, written by Jeong Seo-kyeong and features Lee Bo-youngHeo Yool-ILee Hye-young-I and Lee Jae-yoon.
Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

"Grand Prince" episode 6 recap

On the latest episode of the TV Chosun drama "Grand Prince", conflict between the characters regarding matters of the throne.
Queen dowager Sim (Yang Mi-kyung) told Yi Hwi (Yoon Si-yoon) that the place on the throne needed to be filled, but he disagreed.
Meanwhile, Yoon Na-gyeom (Ryu Hyo-young) told Yi Kang (Joo Sang-wook) that she'd be his servant because she decided it would be better for her to do that than become a good wife. She swore her life to him.
Yi Kang kissed her suddenly.
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"Man Who Lays the Table" episode 50 final recap

The final episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Lays the Table" reunited Yang Chun-ok (Kim Soo-mi) and Kevin Miller (Lee Jae-ryong).
Yang Chun-ok ran into Park Min-ho (Hong Seo-joon) on her way out from promising to invest in Kevin. Yang Chun-ok heard from Jung Tae-yang (On Joo-wan) that Park Min-ho worked for Kevin for a long time and realized that Kevin was the Eun-jo she was looking for. She checked Kevin's picture with Jung Tae-yang and ran to Kevin.
She cried and asked, "It's me, do you remember? Your mother died after having you and I raised you in your house". Kevin asked, "Sister Ok?" and he remembered her. Chun-ok apologized for abandoning him.
Kevin said, "I wanted to show you how well-off I am. I wanted to be rich enough to help her if she needed it so how can I resent you? The thought of you is the only thing that had me hanging on during cold and lonely times. I missed you so much". He hugged her and Chun-ok cried too. Lee Roo-ri (Choi Soo-young) prepared to quit her job for the sake of Jung Tae-yang and the company. Jung Tae-yang pretended to let her go, but Lee Roo-ri was upset that he'd changed so quickly. He told her some good news and they hugged each other.
Joo Ae-ri (Han Ga-rim) called them to say she'd tell them everything. She said, "It was I who planned and made everything come true. I will get the punishment so forgive my mother". Susana (Choi Soo-rin) and Park Min-ho's son appeared and Jung Tae-yang told Susana that he knew everything.
Susana said she'd disappear for a while and Park Min-ho was surprised as Ae-ri would be taking the blame for everything. Susana said, "It's only 6 years. Why don't you take her place if you're so concerned?" In the end, Joo Ae-ri decided to help Kevin and Park Min-ho was furious with Susana too. He put her in a truck and sped away.
Jung Soo-mi (Lee Kyu-jung) who spent a day with Han-gyeol (Kim Ha-na), changed her mind and wanted to raise her. However, Han-gyeol cried that she wanted to go home and in the end Jung Soo-mi brought her home. She thanked Han Yeon-joo (Seo Hyo-rim) and said she'd never see Han-gyeol again. Hong Young-hye (Kim Mi-Sook) left Se-joon (Park Sung-geun) behind and returned to Korea and met Lee Sin-mo (Kim Kap-soo) again.
6 months later, Yang Chun-ok took her family to Kevin's father's grave and SC Foods cleared its name. Lee Roo-ri and Jung Tae-yang got married.
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