Sunday, July 16, 2017

"You're Too Much" episode 38 recap

Jung Hye-sun fainted after seeing her daughter-in-law in an affair on the latest episode of the MBC drama "You're Too Much".
Park Seong-hwan (Jun Kwang-ryul) married Yoo Jina (Uhm Jung-hwa) and planned on making her son Lee Kyeong-soo (Kang Tae-oh) take over his business so Seong Kyeong-ja (Jung Hye-sun) and Park Hyeon-joon (Jeong Kyeo-woon) tried to stop him for Park Hyeon-seong's ("Eru") sake. Seong Kyeong-ja found out that Park Hyeon-seong's wife Ko Na-kyeong (Yoon Ah-jeong) introduced a man called Im Cheol-woo (Choi Jung-won) to Yoo Jina and decided to catch her red-handed.
Im Cheol-woo received 10 times more the money Ko Na-kyeong offered him from Seong Kyeong-ja and Seong Kyeong-ja caught Yoo Jina on his bed in his apartment. Yoo Jina knelt down and begged Seong Kyeong-ja to forgive her but Seong Kyeong-ja said, "I want to see the face of the woman who gave birth to such trash!"
When she heard this, Yoo Jina changed faces and yelled at Seong Kyeong-ja. "My life has been tangled up because of your son. You have a murderer for a son, so don't point your finger at me". Seong Kyeong-ja couldn't believe what had happened and felt dizzy. She fell hitting her head on a table.
Yoo Jina tried to called 119 but stopped and only after she bribed the driver did she take Seong Kyeong-ja to the hospital and wished she just died there. However, Seong Kyeong-ja came around at the end of the episode.
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