Monday, July 3, 2017

"Father is Strange" episode 36 recap

Lee Joon was shocked to find out that Kim Yeong-cheol was not his real father.
On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Father is Strange", Ahn Joong-hee (Lee Joon) found out that Byeon Han-soo (Kim Young-cheol) wasn't his real father.
Joon-hee started getting suspicious when the face of his father in the picture his mother Soo-jin (Kim Seo-ra) gave him was different.
Han-soo and Yeong-sil (Kim Hae-sook) were relieved to hear that Soo-jin returned to the States. Han-soo said, "The moment I registered Joon-yeong's birth 35 years ago, I crossed a river I would never cross back. I won't be shaken up again for my children's sake". He decided not to reveal his past. Yeong-sil appreciated this and said, "I know you feel bad for Joong-hee and he would get hurt when he finds out. We have to be good to Joong-hee".
Joong-hee asked Han-soo about the encounter with his mother but they remembered things differently. He was suspicious, but assumed that it was because it had been a long time.
One day, Joong-hee was scrubbing his father's back when the scar he thought would be there, wasn't there. Joong-hee started being more suspicious about the fact that his mother and father didn't recognize each other, his father in the picture and life in the States. Joong-hee found an old picture of Han-soo with the help of Joon-yeong (Min Jin-woong). Joong-hee was shocked to find out that the father he saw in the picture his mother gave him was a completely different person.
There are no secrets in this world. Joong-hee realized his father wasn't Han-soo. He was about to be traumatized once again just when he started getting comfortable with him.
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