Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"My Sassy Girl - Drama" Episodes 23-24 recap

Even the romantic action in "My Sassy Girl - Drama" is light, as Woo makes a breakthrough in the investigation and proceeds to try and avoid telling Princess Hyemyeong about it. This predictably leads to a brief interruption in their giddy love affair, as she is mad at him. But don't worry- slowly and surely, bit by bit, they come to another understanding as Woo makes it clear that he is one hundred percent on Princess Hyeomyeong's side and isn't going anywhere.
It's a bit odd how Woo and Princess Hyemyeong are taking relatively minor slights so seriously now when they were outright vicious to each other in the opening episodes of the drama. It's part and parcel for their evolving relationship, of course, and a pretty good example of how the way couples fight changes quite a bit the better they get to know each other. That they're presenting a united front on the important stuff is what really matters.
Although in terms of the royal conspiracy, their lack of participation is getting to be a bit annoying. We do finally learn some more about Wol-myeong (played by Kang Shin-hyo), the main muscle behind the royal conspiracy. Most notably, we learn that Wol-myeong isn't just a hired hand. He had motivation. Queen Jungjeon realizes to her alarm that because of that, Wol-myeong could do drastic damage to the conspiracy should that motivation change.
It's a nice contrast with the modern day royal guard characters. Joon-yeong doesn't know Princess Hyemyeong all that well, but he does know that she's a kind person who will take time out of her day to cheer someone up who needs it. That explains why, average detective abilities notwithstanding, Joon-yeong is determined to suss out the threat to Princess Hyeomhyeong. Then there's Chang-hwi, who's fanatically loyal to Da-yeon but as potentially dangerous as Wol-myeong because he lacks direction.
The various subplots are coming together nicely. I only recently realized that Mal-geum (played by Seo Eun-ah) is both Se-ho's love interest and Da-yeon's personal maid. So in addition to providing funny jokes about "proper" romantic storylines, their scenes together also serve as a useful means to transfer information between characters. All the same, the frequently dubious relevance of Woo and Princess Hyemyeong to the main plot is a sour point- even if by the cliffhanger, Princess Hyeomyeong has attacked one plank of the conspiracy head on.
Review by William Schwartz
"My Sassy Girl - Drama" is directed by Oh Jin-seok, written by Yoon Hyo-je and features Joo Won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Jung-shin, Kim Yoon-hye, Son Chang-min, and Yoon Se-ah.
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