Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Duel" Episode 14 recap

Tears and emotions are abundant in episode fourteen of "Duel" as our characters find themselves in relations that are confusing and hard to approach. Seong-joon's identity finally gets to him, but things are more dire for Seong-hoon, who is becoming increasingly unstable. Mi-rae's unique abilities surface, but time is not on anyone's side and some tough decisions may have to be taken.
It is no surprise that everyone would be emotional right now. A lot has happened to these people and as overly dramatic as I find Yoo-ra's (Uhm Soo-jung) momma-drama over someone she essentially just met, this is Dramaland and blood goes a long way. Even so, I find Seong-joon's (Yang Se-jong) minor breakdown far more convincing, since his very existence is being challenged. His nature is to care for others, but he is human and we have breaking points.
The group over a gravely injured Mi-raeSeong-joon feeling comforted by Deuk-cheon
I mean, think about it. He and his brother are clones and their mother is their original's wife. Now his only lady friend turns out to be his biological daughter as well as his mother's daughter and his cure. I am surprised anyone is keeping it together at this point. While Seong-joon's existential crisis is short, it provides some nice bonding with Deuk-cheon (Jeong Jae-yeong), something I wish "Duel' had done more of. Their connection is the most believable here, because we have seen it develop.
Yoo-ra is a late addition and so her death carries little weight in emotions and plot for me. Seong-joon has his original's memories and he could therefore make the cure. I do wonder if he will remember in time, however. If not, would Deuk-cheon turn against the clones to save Soo-yeon? I believe he definitely would and with little resistance, since Seong-joon is the self-sacrificing type. I do expect more overblown drama, however, since the series is clearly relying on that to drag itself to the end.
Deuk-cheon trying not to worry Soo-yeonYoo-ra's death
Yoo-ra's death does make me wonder whether Jo-hye (Kim Jung-eun) can now become useful, however. Even if Seong-joon gets Yong-seob's memories back in order to reconstruct the cure, would he not need Sanyeong's resources? The whole team may need to play along with Park San-yeong (Park Ji-il) and Jo-hye will be the only one in there who can protect them. I just wonder if two episodes can fit all of this.
Whatever the case, "Duel" has been threatening everyone's well-being for far too long and so the only real risk of death I see here is for Seong-hoon. That one might as well be wearing an "End My Suffering" sign on his forehead by now. Perhaps Deuk-cheon will join him, but I see no reason for it at this point. Then again, what reason has Dramaland ever needed for being overly dramatic?
"Duel" is directed by Lee Jong-jae, written by Kim Yoon-joo and features Jeong Jae-yeong, Kim Jung-eun, Yang Se-jong and Seo Eun-su.
Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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