Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Falsify" Episodes 7-8 recap

There are not enough closets for all the skeletons Noah Law Firm has been keeping and the latest case involves a living victim whose life is in the hands of Moo-yeong and Aeguk. Our heroes are about to get a proper taste of what fighting for others entails when those with significant power wield it against you. The question is, when will our heroes reach out to one another?
These episodes reveal an interesting possibility for Moo-yeong's (Namgoong Min) future and that is the birth of a hero through a vigilante. Moo-yeong has mostly been revenge driven during our time with him in the present, but Yoon  Seon-woo's (Lee Joo-seung) case is close to home enough that it gives him pause. Feeling the burden of justice over that of personal goals is a good sign that Moo-yeong is right where he belongs as a reporter.
Moo-yeong being reminded of himself through Seon-wooMoo-yeong telling Seon-woo that he will fight for him
As enjoyable as seeing everyone hand Park Eung-mo's (Park Jeong-hak) behind to him in the previous case was, there is more emotional gravity in Seon-woo's plight, which the series needs. It also provides some good material for social commentary and lessons on camaraderie. Those wronged have to fight, but we all need someone to fight alongside us. Our heroes are no longer handling injustice, they are handling someone's future and I fear the loss of that future might be what they need in order to work together.
Moo-yeong, Seok-min (Yoo Joon-sang) and So-ra (Eom Ji-won) have unique flaws and advantages, but they are not getting anywhere solo. The more they try without learning from past mistakes the more annoying it will get, so I hope the series has them face their flaws soon. Moo-yeong is bold, but he is way too naive and So-ra keeps fighting in the exact same way despite having repeatedly been burned by it. Seok-min is the smartest and most experienced one, but he lacks power. The series has three heroes and we need them all developing.
So-ra clashing with Jeon once moreHae-dong being stopped by Seok-min
Speaking of character development, "Falsify" keeps adding new faces, but I am starting to wonder where it is going with some old ones sorely lacking said development. Jeong Hae-dong (Kim Min-sang-I) is established as a servile snake who executes plans for Tae-won (Moon Sung-keun), sure, but Na Seong-sik (Park Sung-hoon) and Gong Ji-won (Oh Ah-yeon) currently have the entertainment value of drying wall paint. I hope their recording changes that.
My dissatisfaction with some supporting characters aside, I like where the story is going. The more cases related to Noah surface the more our heroes will catch on and close in on all major players on the bad side. I just hope Moo-yeong and So-ra can start being a bit more quick on the uptake soon, because Seok-min is the closest one to the truth for now and he could use some help.
"Falsify" is directed by Lee Jeong-heum, written by Kim Hyeon-jeong-IV and features Namgoong Min, Yoo Joon-sang, Eom Ji-won and Moon Sung-keun.
Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'
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